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Actsugi is a virtual tour technology and digital content company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We craft personalised brand stories through immersive 360° solutions to help reach your goals, be it to strengthen online presence, increase web traffic, attract quality leads, or boost sales potential.


What We Offer

360° Photography & 360° Videography
High definition 11K ground and aerial content shot entirely with camera equipment and drone, or in combination with true-to-life CGI

3D Modeling, Rendering & Photogrammetry
Realistic 3D representations of objects, 360-degree 3D environments reimagined with architectural and floor plans, 3D virtual staging, 3D virtual exhibitions and galleries, as well as reconstruction of terrains and landmarks through photos

360° Virtual Tour
Virtual walkthroughs and storytelling experiences made with 360° photos, videos or CGI, along with an intuitive interface and engaging storytelling features to captivate and convert viewers

Automated Analytics
AI analytics & reporting for unique conversion data insights

Personalized web domain and virtual tour showcase across your platforms

“Actsugi combines the word ‘Action’, and the Japanese concept of ‘Kintsugi’. We piece your story together through these Western and Eastern philosophies of innovation, making it unique, impactful and meaningful.”


More than just 360°

We capture 11-22K resolution HDR aerial and ground panoramas using DSLR photography. Taken in wide angle, both horizontally and vertically, we ensure the images are as close as possible to the real space from any way you look at it, even on complicated ceiling and floor designs. You could say that they are in 720°!

Each high-quality image is enhanced with accurate colours and exposure, along with reduced graininess. These are optimised to the smallest size without compromising quality, with multiresolution feature to improve loading time.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Visualise and reimagine the world

We produce 3D virtual staging with true-to-life CGI renders. These digital images let you showcase preconstructed spaces, run hybrid events, present 3D models, and recreate your vision like never before.

Our 3D assets are crafted through floor plans and sketches, then brought to life by thoughtful interior design. To enhance the realism, we pay close attention to the intricate details, geometry, lighting effects, décor, furnishings, and angles to ensure every 3D render is smooth and visually appealing. From concept to completion, we transform 3D environments into immersive virtual walkthroughs.

Actsugi Feature

Your brand in the spotlight

We customise our solutions according to your marketing and communication needs.

Personalised layouts, landing pages, single sign-on page, animated hotspots and icons can be designed to fit your brand.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Interactive elements

Our user-friendly and intuitive interfaces come with a wide range of interactive features to make the experience stand out.

From 360° videos to 3D models, motion graphics, photo albums, flipbooks and audio, our creative collection supports all media types and is made to immerse the senses.

Actsugi Feature

Welcome audiences with a wow

Make it a truly spectacular experience with a real, 3D or AI avatar to greet your visitors, or audio narration to highlight finer details.

We can customise messages in multiple languages to engage with viewers from around the world.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Cinematic scenes

Our timelapse and split screen features are popular among clients!

These are classic ways to highlight stunning environments, changing lights, ambience, and before/after spaces.

Actsugi Feature

Capture quality leads

Our online-to-offline marketing solution comes with useful call-to-actions.

These can be seamlessly integrated with customised lead generation forms and appointment systems.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Story-led content management

We develop virtual experiences where clients can add, edit, and publish their own content, which can be displayed in multiple formats.

Our brand storytelling tools include neighbourhood guidebooks, online gallery displays and USP highlights.

Actsugi Feature

Dynamic mapping

Interactive Google maps and floor plans give viewers easy navigation to destinations and spaces.

This lets you arrange information and visual journey in a way that tells a story.

Actsugi Feature

Sarawak Energy

Grand Launch of Virtual Museum


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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