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Real Estate, Township & Property 360°
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Actsugi Feature
  • Fast delivery of minimum 24 hour quotations and 5 business days delivery
  • 1-on-1 consultation with free site recce and demo shooting*
  • Offline version available for sales gallery display and property exhibitions
  • Gain insights on your virtual tour with data analytics
  • Integrate on your property website
  • Google Street View for online presence and SEO
  • True-to-life 3D renders with interior design
  • Web, mobile and VR friendly interface

Property 360° Virtual Tour

360° virtual tours offer an immersive exploration of property show units, mixed developments, and townships, without having to rely on physical visits. This unique digital solution empowers potential buyers to virtually navigate properties on their devices from anywhere in the world. Property developers also leverage on virtual tours to have a digital town of their existing show unit, or showcase properties that have not been built.

Actsugi is a 360° virtual tour services provider specialising in 360° photography, videography, and virtual tour development. We have worked with international and local property developers to create virtual tours that boost online presence and drive interest.

Professional Real Estate Photography

Professional real estate photography takes an eye for detail and composition. With so many property listings available online today, it is important than ever to stand out. Our expertise in real estate photography means we know what it takes to produce visually appealing photos that can help boost interest and sales potential.

We coordinate with your team with virtual staging and spot-staging to ensure each room is well-arranged. During the photography session, we also look for the right angles to highlight the unique selling points.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

At Actsugi, we use professional camera equipment such as DSLR and Mavic 3 Enterprise to capture high-quality ground and aerial photography. Unlike Matterport scanning technology, our imagery can undergo post production for enhanced clarity and high colour accuracy. You can expect to see the tripod removed from the images, while both the indoor and outdoor spaces would be sharp with minimal overexposure.

For an average 360° virtual tour project with photography, it takes up to one day to complete the photography session, and about 5 working days to produce the first draft. While this depends on the size and complexity of the project, our turnaround time is among the fastest in the market, supported by reliable results.

Aerial Photography and Neighbourhood Labelling

As the saying goes, the most important thing in real estate is ‘location, location, location’. Aerial photography offers a captivating and comprehensive way to showcase the property as the focal point, along with the surrounding neighbourhood, landscapes, topography and amenities - all within a sweeping 360° virtual tour. We also label the nearby amenities to help prospective buyers visualise and explore your development.

For townships and mixed developments, aerial photography can bring the masterplan together, detailing the residential, commercial, and lifestyle components from a refreshing perspective. A 360° virtual tour with comprehensive drone photography can be used to save the time and cost of transporting customers around the site multiple times.

For high-rise developments, we can do aerial level views, whereby images from different floors are taken and compiled in a menu. Potential buyers can use it to see the view from their preferred floor and make informed decisions.

Real Estate 3D Renders and Architectural Visualisation

3D rendering and architectural visualisation is a powerful solution to reveal the full potential of your property and its future value. We create eye-catching, true-to-life 3D renders that balance light, visual composition, and colour theory.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

To achieve this, we would work with your team to compile all the relevant documents and plans we need to study your architecture. Through our virtual interior design services, you can share your ideal design theme, palettes and other requirements with us, and let our expert 3D designers do the magic.

We also offer services to create 3D animation walkthrough videos that combine CGI with storytelling – a great way to support your property marketing.

Professional Virtual Tour Development

Your 360° virtual tour serves as a digital twin and integral component of your property marketing campaign. Our team crafts user-friendly and intuitive layouts that includes visual assets like photography or 3D renders. We also design custom hotspots that give people a convenient way to reveal information and identify spaces.

We encourage you to make the virtual tour a true reflection of your brand story. Our virtual tours can fit all kinds of media files, including photos, videos, floor plans, and brochures. Our timelapse feature shows a sweeping panorama that changes from day to night to tug at your customer’s heartstrings. Our split screen feature can be used to show before and after photos, or day and night views.

We take care to ensure that your 360° virtual tour can be optimised for websites, tablets, mobile devices, and VR headsets. We can also provide the offline files to display the virtual tour on a smart TV or tablets– perfect for exhibitions, events, launches, and business development purposes.

Property Virtual Tour Consultation

As a virtual tour specialist, Actsugi liaises with your corporate communication or marketing team to develop virtual tours that align with your brand identity.

We offer 1-on-1 consultation services to understand the requirements, and provide advice where needed. Upon request, we can arrange a free site recce and demo shooting for a select few areas. We would share how property developers and marketers can maximise their virtual tours to drive interest and sales.

Property 360° Virtual Tour Specialist

Actsugi specialises in crafting 360° virtual tour solutions for international and local property developers, with a broad range of projects across Southeast Asia. Our team is experienced in producing high-quality photography and 3D architectural renders for real estate.

We ensure that the visual storytelling is paired with an intuitive virtual tour interface that is continuously improved from time to time with advanced storytelling features. Get in touch with us to find out how you can create a virtual tour for your property today.


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