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Industrial Park, Manufacturing Plant and Factory 360° Virtual Tour Services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Actsugi Feature
  • Fast delivery of minimum 24 hour quotations and 5 business days delivery
  • 1-on-1 consultation with free site recce and demo shooting*
  • Offline version available for exhibitions and business presentations
  • Gain insights on your virtual tour with data analytics
  • Integrate on your website
  • Google Street View for online presence and SEO
  • Web, mobile and VR friendly interface

Factory & Industrial 360° Virtual Tour

360° virtual tours are one of the emerging technology trends for industrial parks, investment zones and factories today. Designed to simulate the real environment, they help viewers see a comprehensive overview of the site and facilities, while gaining a greater understanding of their core business functions.

Beyond its virtual navigation capabilities, 360° virtual tours offer a powerful solution to achieve digital transformation and support the global focus on sustainability. Customers, business partners and investors can explore the industrial spaces virtually from any device, anywhere in the world. They do not need to travel long distances just for a site visit, which in turn helps to reduce carbon footprint. Site visits to factories or industrial areas can be time-consuming and require a lot of preparation. An interactive virtual tour can eliminate most of these processes, thus saving time and money.

Some clients turn to 360° virtual tours as a dynamic and forward-thinking method of displaying their business presentations and sales deck. Rather than show yet another typical slideshow, they can virtually transport potential prospects to the industrial park or factory without stepping out of the room. When it comes to exhibitions, 360° virtual tours can significantly attract an audience to your booth – more so if you use a VR device to show on a large display screen. Virtual tours offer a convenient alternative to bulky brochures and physical marketing materials, especially to overseas engagements and events.

Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated into your website to optimize viewership and engagement. A virtual tour can increase your web engagement by 5 to 10 times longer than those without.

Actsugi is a 360° virtual tour services provider specialising in 360° photography, videography, and virtual tour development for numerous industries. Our solution has helped to digitise industrial parks, investment zones and factories to support our clients’ needs.

Professional Industrial Photography

Industrial areas can cover a myriad of spaces, from industrial parks to investment zones, land lots, manufacturing plants, logistic hubs, ports, distribution centres, special economic zones, and research and development facilities.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Factories can be dangerous and loud, with lots of activities going on. Each site visit requires detailed preparation, along with multiple health and safety checks. 360° virtual tours offer a unique journey across the facility. We highlight the production line from start to end, working closely with your team ensure the space is set up according to your requirements and industrial standards. Factory photography can also benefit from featuring internal staff interacting with the machinery, ensuring viewers can feel as if they are on an actual site.

We understand that your team might want to highlight some of the signature equipment and processes, while ensuring that trade secrets remain secret. All these areas would be identified with you before the shooting so that they are addressed during the virtual staging. Our photographers are trained to select the most opportune view that hits the mark, and views that are not ready or relevant can be cropped from the virtual tour.

Professional Office and Corporate Photography

When it comes to MNC offices and showrooms, the photography process works a bit differently. We focus on capturing the corporate environment, highlighting key locations such as offices, meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces and innovation labs. In showrooms, we aim to present your products in the most appealing way, while paying attention to the interior design that reflect your brand’s identity.

We use high-grade camera equipment such as DSLR and Mavic 3 Enterprise to capture 11K to 22K HDR photography. Unlike scanning technologies like Matterport, our approach allows us to offer enhanced image quality and flexible features. It is ideal for industrial facilities where you would want to highlight only specific areas and facilities.

After the photography session, we use various post-editing software to improve clarity and colours. Areas with low-lighting condition are adjusted to enhance visibility. We remove traces of the tripod from the ground and reflective surfaces, so that both indoor and outdoor scenes are equally sharp and visually appealing.

The photography session takes us an average of one to two days to complete. The first draft of the virtual tour would also be ready in about 5 working days.

Aerial Photography and Masterplan Labelling

Aerial photography is the best way to map out industrial parks, investment zones and land lots. Not only would this showcase the entire masterplan, the imagery can also be used to illustrate land area or indicate different components. Info hotspots are strategically inserted to bring out additional details about the facility in an engaging way.

If the aim of your virtual tour is to attract human capital, aerial photography can provide more information on the neighbourhood and amenities. It can show a comprehensive view of places to live, work and play.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

We can also recommend covering different areas close to your industrial park to give a holistic view of the property. This can focus on connectivity or liveability, adding another narrative layer to your presentations. You can also incorporate comparative views to show the progress of the development over time.

Professional Virtual Tour Development

Your 360° virtual tour is designed to be a compelling and informative digital twin that hits your business objectives. The user-friendly interface provides a seamless experience across websites, tablets, mobile devices and VR headsets. The navigation menu would be arranged according to your production line or storyboard to bring out the brand in a meaningful way. It can also support all kinds of media files such as 360° panoramas, 360° videos, normal videos, photo albums, narration and background music.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

What gives our virtual tour offerings an edge is the range of flexible storytelling features to add another level of immersion. 360° videos are best used to show how certain equipment are used, or to capture the atmosphere of an office through a moment in time. An avatar makes a great way to welcome guests, provide an eye-capturing overview, and share interesting information about your facility.

We also have a unique interactive mapping function that lets you view the panoramas side by side with an online map platform. This provides spatial awareness along with a more accurate indication of where each spot is located, even when the online map is updated in real time.

Each 360° virtual tour is fully optimised for viewing from anywhere in the world, and we can work with your team to address security concerns. You can also use the offline files we provide to display it on your smart TV at exhibitions, or at your next business proposal.

360° Virtual Tour Specialist for Industrial Tourism

At Actsugi, we craft 360° virtual tour solutions that are suitable for business and investment purposes. Our 1-on-1 consultation services help your marketing team come up with the best solution to illustrate your brand identity and industrial facilities. We can arrange a free site recce and demo shooting upon request. This can help to support your proposal to the management, while giving you a glimpse into how we work and what you should look out for in any project.

Our high-quality 360° photography are paired with an intuitive virtual tour interface that is continuously improved from time to time with advanced storytelling features. Get in touch with us to find out how you can create a virtual tour for your industrial facilities today.


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