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Educational Institution, University & School Campus 360° Virtual Tour Services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Actsugi Feature
  • Fast delivery of minimum 24 hour quotations and 5 business days delivery
  • 1-on-1 consultation with free site recce and demo shooting*
  • Offline version available for education fairs and exhibitions
  • Gain insights on your virtual tour with data analytics
  • Integrate on your website
  • Google Street View for online presence and SEO
  • Web, mobile and VR friendly interface

360° Virtual Tours For Educational Institutions

360° virtual tours are a powerful tool for educational institutions of all sizes to present their campus. By showcasing the classrooms and facilities, the interactive medium offers a deeper insight into the site layout and services. Not only can they help increase engagement and interest among prospective students through online campus visits, 360° virtual tours can be used to effectively onboard newly recruited academic staff.

Actsugi is a 360° virtual tour services provider specialising in 360° photography, videography, and virtual tour development. Our solution has been used to create innovative marketing tools that support student recruitment and marketing.

In recent years, virtual tours have seen a 258% rise in usage among prospective students. Research also shows that over 30% of Gen Z and millennials have engaged with virtual reality. It is clear to see that 360° virtual tours are here to stay in the education field.

Professional Photography for Universities, Colleges, and Schools

Professional campus photography needs to represent the positive yet authentic student experience that makes people feel like they are on campus. A balance of selecting the right subject matter, tonality and angles can help to capture the most visually stunning views of the campus, while drawing attention to the finer details that your audience would be looking for.

We work closely with your team to achieve this during virtual staging and spot-staging stages. The first step is to identify all the hallmark spots on campus, including historic architecture that add to your institution’s brand, and all the areas where people socialise. Among the locations that should be on your list are the public gathering spaces, classrooms, laboratories, learning hubs, research centres, library, fitness centre, seminar room, auditorium and student accommodation.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

We would plan the photoshoot with you at the right times to strike a balance between avoiding the crowd and capturing the energy on campus. Some areas would look better without people in the image, while others benefit from the human touch. We can help communicate with your talents on how to make the photography session a success and deliver realistic visual assets that strengthen the focus on your brand.

Our HDR photography are captured using high-grade camera equipment such as DSLR and Mavic 3 Enterprise. We do not use Matterport, meaning that we are able to offer flexible features and image enhancement. After the photography session, we would put them through different post-editing software to enhance the clarity and colours. We ensure that the tripod is removed from the ground and reflective surfaces, while both the indoor and outdoor scenes can be kept equally sharp.

It takes us an average of one to two days for the completion of the photography session, and about 5 working days to produce the first draft of the virtual tour.

Aerial Photography, Labelling and Neighbourhood Guide

Student life is not just about what goes on in the classroom, but also the surrounding neighbourhood. We recommend starting your 360° virtual tour from an aerial overview, which highlights the notable amenities and lifestyle assets around the focal property using aerial labelling.

Actsugi Feature
Actsugi Feature

Well-planned aerial photography shows prospective students where they can explore, eat and play. It is also helpful for expats to identify the best neighbourhoods within the proximity to live in.

Another interesting feature you can include in your 360° virtual tour upon request is a neighbourhood guide. This appears as a button that you can click to trigger a pop-up info box that shows a selection of attractions, distance from the educational institution, and supporting write-ups.

Professional Virtual Tour Development

As an educational institution, your 360° virtual tour is an excellent digital twin used for online marketing and education fair purposes. It comes with a user-friendly interface that can support all forms of media including 360° panoramas, photo albums, videos, narration and background music. We have developed a unique navigation menu and custom hotspots for educational institutions, making it easier for people to find the academic spaces and facilities.

We offer a range of storytelling features to bring out your brand story, making it even more immersive. Our timelapse feature highlights sweeping scenes that shift between day and nights. 360° videos can capture the liveliness of the campus from every angle. Imagine seeing students using the laboratory equipment, using the gymnasium, or walking around the campus. Whether you are aiming to highlight the vibrant activities of an international school, tuition centre, or dance studio, 360° videos are a great way to capture that in an immersive format!

To add another narrative layer, we can produce an avatar to be inserted into the 360° virtual tour. This avatar serves to welcome guests and share interesting information about the institution.

Your 360° virtual tour is optimised for websites, tablets, mobile devices, and VR headsets. We can pass you the offline files to display it on a smart TV and engage with your audience at your next education fair or recruitment drive.

360° Virtual Tour Specialist for Educational Institutions

Actsugi specialises in crafting 360° virtual tour solutions for educational institutions. We provide 1-on-1 consultation services to help your marketing team come up with the best solution to illustrate your brand identity. We can arrange a free site recce and demo shooting upon request, which can support your proposal to the management.

Our high-quality 360° photography are paired with an intuitive virtual tour interface that is continuously improved from time to time with advanced storytelling features. Get in touch with us to find out how you can create a virtual tour for your campus today.


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