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Aerial Mapping, Surveying & Photogrammetry Using Drones in Malaysia

UAS/UAV LiDAR service to build 3D model, map, DSM, DTM, point cloud & mesh.

Actsugi provides high-resolution aerial photography, videography, mapping, photogrammetry and inspection solutions for diverse industries.

Aerial surveying involves the usage of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to capture data with downward-facing sensors, like RGB or multispectral cameras, and LIDAR equipment. We cover multiple aerial photographs with an RGB camera from various angles, each marked with geographical coordinates.

Through top-grade photogrammetry software, these overlapping images from different perspectives are merged to create detailed 2D and 3D maps of the terrain, making it a cornerstone technique in Drone Aerial Mapping and UAV Photogrammetry.

Our Drone Services

Comprehensive Aerial Mapping and Surveying
Our services encompass a full range of mapping and surveying solutions suitable for various industrial needs, leveraging on UAV and LiDAR technology for High Resolution Aerial Surveys.

CGIS Data Processing and Analysis
We handle, process, and analyze geographical data to produce actionable insights and reports that can support your operational and planning decisions.

3D Mapping and Model Generation
We specialize in creating detailed 3D representations of areas for a range of applications, from Precision Agriculture Drone to Environmental Monitoring UAV projects.

Actsugi Feature
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What You Get

Actsugi Feature

Orthomosaic Mapping
This technique provides an intricate, photorealistic representation of an area, blending multiple photographs into a seamless image. This is helpful for Real Estate Drone Photography and Infrastructure Inspection Drones.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)
A DSM captures the area's topography, including all surface features like vegetation and buildings for comprehensive environmental analysis.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
Unlike a DSM, a DTM depicts the bare ground surface, free of any objects like vegetation and buildings. 3D Mapping Drones enable precise data collection for planning and development projects.

3D Point Clouds
A collection of data points in space, representing the external surfaces of objects and terrain features, a key output of High Resolution Aerial Surveys.

3D Textured Mesh
A visual representation combining 3D models with detailed textures, offering a realistic view of the surveyed area.

Our Capabilities

The data collected and processed through photogrammetry can be used to generate geotagged orthomosaics, elevation models, and 3D models of the project area. These detailed maps are instrumental in extracting precise measurements, including distances and volumes, from the surveyed landscapes.

This comprehensive approach to aerial mapping, surveying and photogrammetry using drones not serves a wide range of industries, from Construction Site Drone Surveying, to Mining and Flood Risk Assessment. These techniques in Commercial Drone Mapping, Topographic Drone Survey, and Drone Mapping Software Management also ensure clients receive the most advanced and accurate data analysis for your projects.

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Putting the 3D into Virtual Tours

The integration of 3D modeling into virtual tours, often described using the term "digital twin" technology enables the presentation of properties, products, or assets in a way that is both more realistic and captivating. The rising popularity of technologies such as 3D scanning, photogrammetry, and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) has made the creation of detailed and accurate 3D replicas of physical objects and spaces more accessible and straightforward.
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