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Setup Management

Virtual Tour Creation

Get started with a professionally virtual tour, created with 11K photography, CGI imagery or a combination of both.

Professional Themes

Pre-made template or personalized layout – the look is yours.

Responsive Layout

Enjoy a flawless and fast loading experience that can be viewed on website, tablet, mobile and VR devices.

Multi-Language Mode

Display the virtual tour using different languages that can adapt to your audience’s browser.


Display changing scenes in one 360º panorama, be it day-to-night transitions or lighting ambience.

Dual & Twin Viewer

Compare two scenes (before/ after, day/ night, empty/ decorated) in a split screen with movable slider.


Show where your business is on a Google Map.

Floor Plans & Compass

Create spatial understanding with a floor plan and radar that indicates direct direction and field of view.

Audio Narration

Integrate natural-sounding audio or voiceovers to tell your brand story.

E-Learning & Quiz

Engage with viewers using discovery learning, remote field trips and facility tours, training simulations, quizzes and scavenger hunts.

3D Models

Embed 3D assets that can be rotated and viewed in every angle.

Landing Page

Make a great first impression with a customized landing page with call-to-action buttons.

Motion Graphics

Bring messages to life with beautiful animations and digital illustrations.

360 Video

Showcase beautiful omnidirectional videos that immerse viewers in a captured moment in time.


Publish books with realistic page-flip effects on the virtual tour.

Animated Object

Highlight elements in the virtual tour with an interactive animated effect.

Animated Avatar

Welcome viewers to your virtual tour and highlight details with a real, 3D or AI avatar.

Branded Content

Maximise brand presence with logo, brand colours, personalised layouts, landing pages, single sign-on page, animated hotspots and icon.


Social Media Tools

Show your virtual tour to the world on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin through social icons and shortlinks.

Custom Domain Name

Get a personalized link that reflects your brand identity.

Embed Code

Maximise branding and pageviews when you embed virtual tours on website with your own hyperlinks.

Offline Players

Play virtual tours locally without worrying about network connection – great for exhibitions, roadshows and sales pitches.

360 Video for FB & Youtube

Give people a teaser of your virtual tour with a rotational 360 video on Facebook or Youtube.

Built-in Video Call

Password-protected video call tool within the 360 environment for higher interactivity with guests.

Google Street View

Boost your Google Business Listing and SEO with optimised metadata.


Experience a responsive and realistic view of the space from your phone.

VR Ready

Watch your virtual tour using a VR headset with the click of a button.


Content Management

Easily create, manage and modify your content through a dedicated CMS.

Neighbourhood Guidebook

Highlight attractions in the neighbourhood within a dedicated pop-up information box.

Appointment System

Schedule appointments and bookings easily to increase lead generation and conversion.

Dynamic Pop-Ups

From aerial labelling to product highlights, dynamic pop-ups make your information display eye-catching and interactive.

Password Protection

Make your virtual tour even secure by enabling users to log in before viewing your virtual tour.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Grant the right people access with a single set of login details.

Live Chat

Create engagement and fuel sales with your own online customer support.

Video Call with Multiple Hosts

Enable multiple hosts with different languages with a customized video call feature.

Lead Generation

Capture email, contact details and other information to increase conversion rate.

Augmented Reality

Enhance the sensory experience by highlighting virtual objects in the real world, in real time – seamlessly and beautifully.


Increase your outreach with a compelling and SEO-optimized article under our ‘Spotlight’ section in our dedicated content site.

Virtual Tour Intro Video

Captivate your audience by introducing the virtual tour through a motion graphic video, ideal for launch events.

Content Block

Include all sorts of designer-standard content, from photo galleries, to videos, text, audio and more.

Stats & Insights

Google Analytics

Access in-depth data insights on how and why people visit your virtual tour.



Showcase products with a call-to-action button leading straight to your e-commerce page.

Ad Space

Earn ad revenue and manage your ad banner space


Hosting Setup

One-time server setup with full-fledged configuration available upon request.

Malware Scanning & Removal

Be prepared for anything with automated malware scanning and one-click fixes.

DDoS Protection

Keep your virtual tour safe from hackers, unwanted malware and network vulnerabilities.


Site Recce

Receive free consultation on how to prep your shooting session for success.

24/7 Consultation

Share that nudging question or whatever you want to make happen with your business representative.

Online Training

Get familiar with how to leverage your virtual tour marketing through one-on-one or group trainings.

Annual Hosting Renewal

Keep your virtual tour up and running with zero downtime. It includes regular monitoring and updates, renewable on a yearly basis.

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