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7 Virtual Museum Tours in Malaysia to Explore Art, Culture and History

Experience Malaysia's fascinating treasure trove of culture and heritage in these virtual museum tours, all just a couch and a click away.


Experience Malaysia's fascinating treasure trove of culture and heritage in these virtual museum tours, all just a couch and a click away.

Museums across the world have started digitising their physical spaces and exhibitions, giving visitors a chance to  explore them online anytime and anywhere. Malaysia is not short of virtual museums to give you a dose of art and culture. Some virtual museums allow you to walk through the space and examine different artefacts as if you were there in person; others let you explore parts of their collections online or provide an overview.

Here are 6 unique spaces that offer you a glimpse into her unique cultural identity and exquisite art, even if you are not physically there.

1. Mah Meri Cultural Museum


Nestled on Pulau Carey Island, about 40km away from Kuala Lumpur, is the Mah Meri Cultural Village. The unique Orang Asli village museum is dedicated to the traditions and culture of the Mah Meri, an ancient indigenous group who dwell along the coastal region of Selangor.

If you are not able to physically visit the cultural village, you can wander through it at your own pace in this virtual tour. The cultural village gives you a glimpse into their mysterious indigenous traditions, from their belief in ancestral spirits to the intricate woodcarvings that have earned UNESCO recognition, and earned them the title 'The Masked Men of Malaysia'.

The Mah Meri people are known for their skills in woodcarving, mask making and leaf weaving, all of which are on display along with interactive media such as videos, photos, music and stories. There is also a museum which curates some of the curious sculptures, stories, legends and traditions surrounding the Mah Meri.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Mah Meri Cultural Museum.

2. Muzium Telekom


Tucked within a beautiful neo-classical building along Jalan Raja Chulan, Muzium Telekom in Kuala Lumpur traces the nation's telecommunication history since the 1870s.

Their virtual tour features an online exhibition with four galleries - similar to its physical version - where you can discover the artefacts and archives detailing Malaysia's telecommunication legacy. From the aerial views, visitors can observe the historic architecture in its original design.

Within each gallery, there are dioramas, exhibits and infoboards that tell the story of how communications evolve throughou the century, from traditional messaging channels, to the introduction of Morse code, railway communication, telephone, and the advent of digital technology.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Muzium Telekom.

3. Taiping Telegraph Museum


Humble and rich in history, the Taiping Telegraph Museum is the first museum dedicated to the history of early telecommunications in Southeast Asia. Tucked beside the Taiping Municipal Gallery and Taiping Post Office, it was completed in 1885 and called The Post & Telegraph Office. Back then, it was also the first amenity in Malaya to offer telegraph, telephone, postal, and banking services to the general public.

Now you can embark on a journey through the ages through the virtual tour of Taiping Telegraph Museum. Right outside the museum is the Telegraph Square, where you can take a look at the plants in this unique courtyard wherever you are in the world. There is also a Time Tunnel and two levels of informative exhibits and telecommunication artefacts.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Taiping Telegraph Museum.

4. Tanjung Tualang TT5


While it may not be a typical museum, Tanjung Tualang TT5 is a glimpse into the golden era of tin mining in Perak. Known as the last tin dredge in Malaysia, it was built in England in 1938, and was in operation until 1982, when the tin industry of Malaya was in decline. Back then, it was used to scoop up bucket loads of tin-rich soil, and extract the tin through a series of machinery.

The virtual tour of TT5 takes you through the floating factory through a series of high-quality 360° photography. You can explore the engineering marvel of its time at your own pace, and imagine what it could have been like in the early 20th century.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Tanjung Tualang TT5.

5. Gopeng Museum


Gopeng Museum is a private museum along Jalan Eu Kong in Gopeng, and is a community-initiated effort to preserve the town’s history. The building in which it is located in was built by the founder of Eu Yan Sang, a renowned Chinese medicine brand.

This virtual exhibit puts you amidst many tin mining artifacts, and antiques once used by the older generation in Gopeng. Among others, you can see machines that were once used to process tin and rubber back in the day, along with household items like watches, clocks, radios, weighing scales, sewing machines and other curiousities.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Gopeng Museum.

6. Ho Yan Hor Museum


Ho Yan Hor Museum is a private museum dedicated to the humble history of the well-known household brand of Chinese herbal tea since 1941. Located in Ipoh where the brand originated, it chronicles the life of its founder Dr Ho Kai Cheong, and the inspirational journey that led to its discovery.

As you virtually explore the exhibition centre, you will be introduced to the heritage of Chinese herbal tea. At the same time, you can gain an insight into the origins and evolution of Ho Yan Hor.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of Ho Yan Hor Museum.

7. 22 Hale Street


Nestled at the historic heart of Ipoh, 22 Hale Street is a time capsule that gives a glimpse of Malaya in the past. Built in 1900, the old shoplot itself has played many roles including a hotel, office and home, only later restored into this beautiful heritage museum.

There are 3 galleries adorned with antique furniture and knick-knacks, which capture the family life of a tin-ining family back in Ipoh's good ol' days. It also pays homage to the building's history. Take a look at what these galleries look like in their virtual tour.

CLICK HERE to see virtual tour of 22 Hale Street.

Virtual Museum in 360°

Digitising museums through virtual tours are an innovative way to preserve cultural and historical treasures, while making it accessible for people around the world. It is a cost-effective way to give future visitors a glimpse of the rich stories that lie within, while increasing engagement on the museum website and social media channels. With this digital twin of the museum, it can reach out to a wider audience and encourage cultural appreciation that transcends geographical boundaries. 

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