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Top 25 Places to Stay in Lenggong: Hotels, Resorts, Homestays & Campsites

Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape in the hills, a staycation close to town, or camping by the river, there is something for everyone here.


There is so much to see and do in Lenggong that one day is not enough. Staying in Lenggong is a fantastic opportunity to experience the natural attractions, geological wonders, rich archaeological heritage, and little village gems up close. Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape in the hills, a staycation close to town, or camping by the river, there is something for everyone here.

We teamed up with Majlis Daerah Lenggong to bring you some of the hotels, resorts, homestays and campsites in this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site in Perak. The list will be continuously growing, so check it out! Here's where to stay in Lenggong, Perak!

Prices are correct at time of publishing. Please check with businesses individually for latest price list.

1. Resort Tasik Raban


If you are in Lenggong to bask in nature's tranquility while still staying close to conveniences, Resort Tasik Raban has something for you. The serene, family-friendly retreat is nestled next to the breathtaking Raban Lake, about 12km away from town. Their best chalets come with air-conditioned rooms and living area, with a small balcony that overlooks the beautiful hills and lake of Lenggong. The resort is also a stone's throw away from Dataran Tasik Raban, where there are many restaurants and a weekly morning market.

Address: Resort Tasik Raban, Kampung Raban, 33030 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.000097,100.950076
Price Range: $$$ | Chalets are between RM150 to RM350

See 360° Virtual Tour of Resort Tasik Raban.


2. Kuak Hill Resort


Perched upon the lush slope of a hill, Kuak Hill Resort features glampsites and premium chalets surrounded by a tropical rainforest and the majestic Titiwangsa Mountains. Once you reach the designated parking area, you will be transported via a shuttle 4WD offered by the resort. You will be surprised by how much there is here, from picturesque chalets and camping spots, to a cafe, swimming pool, aviary and small petting zoo. Be sure to wake up early as you can see the morning mist curling its way around the premise.

Kuak Hill Resort has all you need to have a relaxing staycation while taking in the crisp air, doing absolutely nothing. However, if you love an adrenaline, you can also enjoy activities like ATV rides, jungle trekking and swimming.

Address: Lot 3538, Kg. Lata Papan, Kampung Kuak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.996400122171921, 100.9322115957411
Price Range: $$$ | Glampsites start from RM199 for 4 pax, Chalets are between RM199 to RM749 for between 2 to 6 pax.

See 360° Virtual Tour of Kuak Hill Resort.


3. Sumpitan Glamping


Imagine sleeping on a comfortable mattress in fancy tent while stars shine above you. Or perhaps you are telling stories around a campfire, accompanied by the sound of a rushing river and rustling leaves. This is why Sumpitan Glamping is such a popular glampsite in Lenggong, filled with Instaworthy charm and natural beauty.

If you're someone who can't live without coffee, then you will be pleased to find a lovely little cafe called Piokopi next door. Try the nasi lemak, mocha and latte!  

Address: Sumpitan Glamping, Lot 10292, Kampung Seberang Sumpitan, Kampung Sumpitan, 33420 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.180738, 100.997436
Price Range: $$ | From RM70 per pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Sumpitan Glamping.


4. Rumah Tiang 16


Rumah Tiang 16 welcomes guests into a regal Malay-style home on stilts, filled with quirky antiques and memorabilia that give you a glimpse of Perak in the past.

Hosted by friendly locals, the unique heritage stay experience lets you explore the archaelogical sites, experience local traditionas, sample authentic delicacies, and support local businesses. It's a chance to see a side of Lenggong only locals can show!

Address: Lot 12 Kg Kubang Jambu, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.115569772001443, 100.97250476392918
Price Range: $$ | From RM200 for 2 pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Rumah Tiang 16.

5. SukaSuka Lake Retreat


Nestled by Tasik Chenderoh, SukaSuka Lake Retreat offers an immersive kampung stay experience, graced by a quaint collection of traditional wooden houses that were deconstructed and reassembled here. The first thing you do while you are here is get dressed in a batik sarong, and walk around the village to learn about the local plants and herbs - and that's just the start of it all!

You will also get to enjoy delicious homemade meals, learn how to play nostalgic childhood games, go jungle trekking, laze in a blissful hammock, paddle in a kayak, or take a splash in the beautiful lake.  The rustic atmosphere, along with the friendly locals, make SukaSuka Lake Retreat an ideal place to escape from the bustling city.

Address: PKK 19/27, Kampung Kelantan, 33040 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.9840377956270805, 100.94724465409469
Price Range: $$ | Packages range from RM110-RM220 per pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of SukaSuka Lake Retreat.

6. Sri Lenggong Inn


Situated right at the heart of Lenggong town, Sri Lenggong Inn (Rumah Rehat Lenggong) is ideal if you wish to stay near the local restaurants and conveniences. The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as a TV, coffee and tea facilities, mini bar, iron, and more.

Address: Jalan Alang Iskandar, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.103745,100.966882
Price Range: $$ | Rooms start from RM80 and can go up to RM170.  

See 360° Virtual Tour of Sri Lenggong Inn.

7. D' Green Chalet


Quirky and whimsical, D' Green Chalet makes you feel as though as you are stepping into a pastel-coloured wonderland. With its multicoloured chalets by the Perak River, you can experience life in a laidback village here. A verandah looks out upon the calming waters, beckoning you to enjoy a BBQ meal or simply take in a breath of fresh air. There is also a deer enclosure on the premise, where you can close to these gentle creature and feed them.

Address: Kampung Temelong 33400 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.111654319166017, 101.0014232772505
Price Range: $$ | Chalets start from RM140 per night

See 360° Virtual Tour of D' Green Chalet.

8. Aguilar Resort Lenggong


Located in Kampung Dalang, Aguilar Resort Lenggong is a family-friendly resort with brick stone chalets and recreational amenities. Within the resort, there is a swimming pool and a cafeteria where food is provided for those who select their package. During durian season, you can enjoy a yummy durian feast here.

Address: Lot 2781-A, Kampung Danglang, Kuak, 33400, Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.0014260, 100.9220720
Price Range: $$ | Package starts from RM120 per night for 3 pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Aguilar Resort Lenggong.

9. D' Bendang Chalet


Imagine waking up in the middle of a lush paddy field, embraced by the mountains of Lenggong Valley. D' Bendang Chalet is a local homestay that features a tiny house concept, with air-conditioned wooden and brick chalets, tiny houses and studio units. As you take in the kampung ambience, you can cycle around town with the bicycles provided, or enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner.

Address: Kampung Telok Batu, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.115688638611816, 100.9803803153415
Price Range: $$ | From RM100 per unit

See 360° Virtual Tour of D' Bendang Chalet.

10. Ummi Lakeside Cabanas


Staying in a cabin by the lake is something you don't get to experience every day. Ummi Lakeside Cabanas offers container rooms and cozy lakeside cabins that sit at the edge of Tasik Raban, the second largest lake in Peninsular Malaysia. With such a beautiful lake, you can enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, kayaking and BBQ.

Address: Kampung Lata Papan, Kampung Kuak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.9936079, 100.9272247
Price Range: $$ | From RM100 per unit

See 360° Virtual Tour of Ummi Lakeside Cabanas.

11. My River Village


Surrounded by rolling hills and a meandering river, My River Village consists of chalets and dorm rooms that make it ideal for family days, team buildings and outings in Lenggong, Perak. The large swimming pool and karaoke room here are great ways to make waves with your strokes or vocal cords.

Address: Kampung Lata Papan, Kampung Kuak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.996487017413342, 100.92940224971758
Price Range: $$

See 360° Virtual Tour of My River Village.

12. Teratak Sungai Kuak


Teratak Sungai Kuak is a private local homestay tucked by a refreshing river. It is made for camping enthusiasts and nature lovers who want a taste of the staying amidst the great outdoors. You don't  need to worry about bringing camping facilities with you, as these facilities, including picnic equipment and BBQ sets can be provided.

Address: Lata Papan, No 389, Kampung Kuak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.9944020, 100.9286290
Price Range: $$ | From RM165

See 360° Virtual Tour of Teratak Sungai Kuak.

13. Rumah Sungai


For a back-to-nature staycation that lets you relax and unwind, head to Rumah Sungai. True to its name, the chalets are nestled next to a picturesque river and a natural waterfall. The rooms come with basic amenities, or if you love camping, you can opt to sleep in a tent.

While you stay here, the hosts will prepare traditional kampung food for you (and local fruits if they are in season). There are also packages that let you hike into the rainforests of Lenggong to discover the rafflesia, which is the largest flower in the world.

Address: Kampung Lata Papan, Kampung Kuak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 4.9936079, 100.9272247
Price Range: $$ | Packages from RM180

See 360° Virtual Tour of Rumah Sungai.

14. Lenggong 360 Guesthouse


Located in Kampung Ulu Jepoi, Lenggong 360 Guesthouse offers spacious living areas and jungle activities in Lenggong. Designed with a traditional village living concept, every guest room is equipped with basic facilities like a bathroom, wardrobe, flat-screen TV, fridge and bed.

Some of the activities that are available near the guesthouse include jungle trekking, hiking, swimming, cycling, and ATV rides.

Address: Kampung Sumpitan, Jalan Lori, 33400 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.159395883728043, 100.98937307724835
Price Range: $$ | From RM191

See 360° Virtual Tour of Lenggong 360 Guesthouse.

15. Chalet Abe


Chalet Abe is a local homestay for those looking for a calming escape from the city. There are only a few rooms here, but they are comfortable and filled with all the modern amenities you need. The best thing is that you an easily get food from the family-friendly Thai restaurant next door, Dapur Abe, which is also run by the owner.

Address: 151A Jalan Tok Goling, Kampung Chepor, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.080290581439393, 101.0027609460263

See 360° Virtual Tour of Chalet Abe.

16. D' Impiana Riverview Chalet


With the fresh air, gushing river, and tropical rainforest ambience, you will find your serene staycation at D' Impiana Riverview Chalet. There are 11 spacious chalets inspired by a traditional Malay village, along with plenty of facilities such as a surau, BBQ area, open hall, island-kitchen and plunge pool.

Address: Lot 10292 Kg.Sumpitan, 33400 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.180261, 100099766
Price Range: $$ | From RM170

See 360° Virtual Tour of D' Impiana Riverview Chalet.

17. Branda Sungai Sumpitan


As you step out of your chalet, the beautiful river is at your feet, just a staircase away. At Branda Sungai Sumpitan, you can experience a kampung staycation, complete with activities that let you explore Lenggong's wildnerness and culture. Guests can enjoy ATV rides, cave exploration, boating, as well as traditional and exotic local delicacies.

Address: Jeram Desa Ibol Kampung Sumpitan 33420 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.182065569302577, 100.99828316931263
Price Range: $$

See 360° Virtual Tour of Branda Sungai Sumpitan.

18. Homestay Teratak Kapten Rosli


Conveniently located in the main town of Lenggong, Homestay Teratak Kapten Rosli offers several wooden chalets and rooms inspired by traditional Malay homes. Right outside the main building, there is a local restaurant serving Malay, Western and Thai cuisine.

Address: Lot 512A Jalan Besar, Kg Sek Perempuan 33400 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.114186070499158, 100.96760617680407
Price Range: $$ - $$$ | Rooms from RM110, Chalets from RM290

See 360° Virtual Tour of Homestay Teratak Kapten Rosli.

19. MRI Chalet


Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Banjaran Titiwangsa, MRI Chalet is a kampung-style homestay that is easily accessible from the Lenggong-Grik Highway. The chalets are designed with families in mind, and offer the basic facilities you need for your vacation in Lenggong.

Address: Lot 11430, Lorong 2, Kg Gua Badak, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.154477189310854, 100.98813309716257
Price Range: $ | Rooms from RM85 for 2 pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of MRI Chalet.


20. Teratak Aisyah


For urban dwellers looking to go back to nature, Teratak Aisyah is a great choice of accommodation. Located 10km away from Lenggong town, it is nestled amidst picturesque hills and a river. The air-conditioned chalets include a private bathroom, private cooking area, BBQ grill, and Wifi connection.

Address: Desa Ibol, Kampung Sumpitan, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.185374204486077, 101.0010478846563
Price Range: $$ | From RM150

See 360° Virtual Tour of Teratak Aisyah.


21. Homestay Kampung Teluk Batu


Homestay Kampung Teluk Batu lets you experience an authentic kampung stay in a wooden house. The homestay only has 2 spacious units, with a living area, several rooms and a fully equipped kitchen at the back. Be sure to laze on the verandah as you watch the sun set over the paddy fields, which is right in front of the accommodation!

Address: Kampung Telok Batu, 33400 Lenggong, Perak

GPS Coordinates: 5.113650065003164, 100.97807791534396

See 360° Virtual Tour of Homestay Kampung Teluk Batu.


22. Amazing Camp Legacy


Amazing Camp Legacy is a recreational campsite that specialises in team building and motivational packages. Run by a VAT 69 Commando Veteran, the programmes are inspired by tactical commando lifestyle. One of the unique features here is at Campsite 2. Fondly known as Pulau Lagenda, the campsite looks like it is on a little island, surrounded by the river.

If hard-core camping isn't your style, opt for the chalet, which comes with basic room facilities and other amenities suitable for camping.

Address: Lot 1550 Kampung Danglang, Kuak, 33400 Lenggong Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.0040271901846785, 100.92267782698826
Price Range: $ - $$ | Campsite from RM30, Chalet from RM120 for 2 pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Amazing Camp Legacy.


23. Masbro Hidden Village


Known for its beautiful sea of clouds in the morning, Masbro Hidden Village is a recreational campsite that offers an unforgettable experience in a tropical rainforest. You can choose to stay in a nature-inspired chalet or set up your own tent in a dedicated area. The in-house Embun Cafe is open daily, offering ala carte meals, or a buffet spread upon request.

Address: TM Ladang Teh, 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.10404166667, 100.95977
Price Range: $ | From RM50 per pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Masbro Hidden Village.


24. Riverine Nature Camp


There are many ways for outdoor thrillseekers to experience Lenggong's natural beauty at Riverine Nature Camp. From camping to picnics, jungle trekking, nature walks, boat cruises, and other riverside activities, the packages here are sure to give you splashes of fun!

Address: No 221, Lorong 9, Riverine Nature Camp Jalan Utama Kampung Sumpitan 33420 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.170357374045045, 100.99575642911849
Price Range: $

See 360° Virtual Tour of Riverine Nature Camp.

25. Lenggong Longhouse Campsite


Lenggong Longhouse Campsite brings you back to basics with its longhouse camping concept.  The riverside camping area is simple and emphasises on the beauty of nature. It can also cater to groups of up to 70 pax.

Address: Lenggong Longhouse Campsite 33400 Lenggong, Perak
GPS Coordinates: 5.114943317277508, 100.95818436931128
Price Range: $ | From RM100 for 4-5pax

See 360° Virtual Tour of Lenggong Longhouse Campsite.

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