press/November 5, 2023

Actsugi Wins Award at 2023 Epson International Pano Awards

Our photographer was awarded 9th place in the Open (VR/360) category for the world's largest competition for panoramic photography.


Our photographer was awarded 9th place in the Open (VR/360) category for the world's largest competition for panoramic photography.

Actsugi has been recognised among over 4,000 entries in The Epson International Pano Awards 2023, the world's largest and most prestigious competition for panoramic photography. Every year, the competition showcases the best work of panoramic photographers across the gobe.


We finished in the VR/360 Category with the image of the mysterious limestone formations in Princess Cave. The spectacular cave is located at the Bukit Kepala Gajah complex of Lenggong, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malaysia.

See the image gallery for competition here.

The Inspiration

Tucked in the unheralded corner of Lenggong, Gua Puteri is known for its mysterious geological formations steeped in legend.

Anyone can almost etch out a face on the cavern's most significant stalagmite, which is believed to be a princess and prince. According to local stories, the doomed pair were turned into stone by a mythological creature called Sang Kelembai, who was offended that she was not invited to their wedding.

In Malay folklore, Sang Kelembai is a fearsome giantess with the power to turn living beings into stone.

The princess and prince are said to be guardians of the cave, and those who climb on the rocks would mysteriously fall ill.

Behind the Scenes

The 'Princess Cave' panorama is part of the virtual guidebook of Lenggong Valley under the partnership of Actsugi, Majlis Daerah Lenggong, and Think City.


The VR photography collection aims to highlight the archaeological wonders, natural attractions and small-town charm of the understated UNESCO World Heritage Site, through immersive 360° photos, 360° videos and storytelling features.

Click to explore virtual tour of Lenggong, Perak here.

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