press/December 27, 2023

Actsugi and Tourism Malaysia Collaborate to Promote Country's Cultural Heritage Through Virtual Tours

The Mah Meri Cultural Village virtual tour can now be explored from anywhere in the world, anytime on Tourism Malaysia's dedicated content site.


In light of the evolving tourism landscape in the digital era, Actsugi and Tourism Malaysia has made several 360° virtual tours of the country's attractions accessible on the Malaysia.travel website.

The collaboration aims to showcase the Malaysia's unique cultural heritage through interactive virtual tours, which give travellers from around the world a chance to explore the sites from the comfort of home. 

The Mah Meri Cultural Village, an indigineous cultural centre located on Carey Island in Klang, is the first to take center stage on Tourism Malaysia's dedicated content site. The virtual experience gives visitors immediate entry into their digital realm through 11K resolution imagery from both a bird's eye view of the cultural village, as well as in-depth walkthrough of the complex grounds. 

actsugi-collaboration-tourism-malaysia-mah-meri-1.pngAlong the digital journey, visitors can interact with the elements on the virtual tour, such as view photos, read about the history of the Mah Meri people, and watch videos on their traditional crafts and wedding rituals. 

They can also reach out to the cultural centre by clicking on the booking button, and scan the bar code to discover their range of indigenous crafts. These dynamic elements add a layer of excitement while providing an engaging narrative of Malaysia's ancient tribe. 


Through this initiative, global travellers can be connected to the wonders of Malaysia through a new avenue that transcends geographical boundaries. Muzium Telekom in Kuala Lumpur, and Taiping Telegraph Museum in Perak, are expected to be featured in the website within the coming months. 

See the Mah Meri Cultural Village virtual tour on Malaysia.Travel.


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