spotlight/August 25, 2023

Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Datum Jelatek Residence

With its impressive Sky Ring, spacious living areas, and scenic balcony, Datum Jelatek's striking design is best supported by a 360° virtual tour.


With its impressive Sky Ring, spacious living areas, and scenic balcony, Datum Jelatek Residence's striking design is best supported by a 360° virtual tour.

Datum Jelatek Residence certainly stands out amidst the city skyline. Situated within the Embassy's Enclave in Kuala Lumpur, it has a distinctive Sky Ring, a bridge that connects the four towers together, inspired by four graceful lily pads. It is also perched on a 5-levels retail shopping centre.

It was only fitting then, that the unique architecture would be the first thing that people see when they enter the virtual tour. We used aerial labelling to highlight the surrounding landmarks and amenities.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Datum Jelatek Residence.

Where Luxury Meets Quality

As part of the 360° virtual tour, we covered the one-, two-, and three-bedroom show units. Each home in Datum Jelatek Residence features a spacious and flexible layout, with a long balcony that looks out upon the city skyline or the extraordinary Sky Ring.


These are done with 11-22K high-quality DSLR photography that are later enhanced with various post production techniques. They keep the colours bright and sharp, yet retain the natural look as you see with your own two eyes. To us, this is the best way to highlight the premium finishings that came with the units.

Where Everything Connects

The residence is all about connection, whether it is in the accessibility or community-inspired design. We matched this value for 'connection' with an intuitive interface and hotspots that do the same: ensure seamless navigation when teleporting to different rooms, and indicate information in selected areas.


As you click to the different areas, you will notice that each view is selectively picked to encapsulate the whole theme of the room. After all, it is what tells the best story of Datum Jelatek.

It's in the Details

Finetuning the photos and virtual tour layout is one thing. The final ingredient is the story. To do so, the panoramas are supported by subtitles that provide key information on the project, which help to bring out the finer details of what is offered in the package.


The information also appears in the other buttons on the skin, such as the About Us, Contact Us, Map, Photo Gallery and Social Media buttons. All of which rounded of with redirection links so that potential customers can land in the client's website. 


With everything in place, the 360° virtual tour is designed to provide a digital twin of the physical space, and an online presence to encourage bookings or sales. It is also about bringing out the quality lifestyle one can expect at Datum Jelatek Residence.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Datum Jelatek Residence.

Crafted by Actsugi

This virtual experience is developed by Actsugi, a virtual tour technology and digital content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our property virtual tours are created with high-quality 11K photography, responsive layout and a range of storytelling features.

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