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Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

The charm of Chinatown and its 4-star hotel centrepiece, captured in 360°.


The charm of Chinatown and its 4-star hotel centrepiece, captured in 360°.

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown is a 4-star hotel located at the heart Chinatown, amidst the vibrant tapestry of old world buildings and modern eateries. Graced by 318 rooms and contemporary dining spots, every element in the hotel is designed to blend naturally with the rich cultural heritage of the vibrant landscape.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown.

The hotel opened in December 2019, just before the pandemic began. Few months later, Malaysia went into lockdown, and the travel ban severely affected the industry. This VR project came just after the first lockdown in Malaysia was lifted, in hopes to stimulate more promotional efforts for the hotel.

We envisioned the 360° virtual tour of Four Points by Sheraton to a unification of their unique features, sleek facilities, and beautiful neighbourhood within Kuala Lumpur.


Starting with Soul

The virtual tour starts in the charming neighbourhood of Chinatown, which is the very soul of the hotel. From here, visitors can explore the sleek hotel spaces at their own pace, from the well-appointed rooms to the leisure facilities such as the swimming pool, Lady Yi’s Tea House and Mann lounge area.


The personalised interface incorporates the hotel brand colours, with two call-to-action buttons on the top – one button takes the viewer through the standard customer journey for Marriott Bonvoy assets, while the other brings them to the booking page. A Whatsapp redirect button is seamlessly integrated for lead generation.

Along the self-guided journey, there are custom hotspots that navigate you to the different spaces. There are video and information pop-ups to offer a layer of insight on the facilities and dining areas.

Magic in Motion

To capture the magic of Four Points, we didn’t stop at just showcasing the spaces – we wanted certain scenes to come alive. Witness two timelapse panoramas, one at Jann Cocktail Bar and another at Quan’s Kitchen, where the interplay of day and night brings out what truly makes them special: the lighting ambience and atmospheric vibes!


Head to the Scenic Deck to directly compare Chinatown in the day and night, You can even move the slider to compare the spot in 360º. This is also great for showing before/after and empty/decorated spaces.


Through the virtual tour, Four Points by Sheraton was able to reach out to customers from around the world as it recovered from the pandemic. And continue engaging with new customers today.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur Chinatown.

Immersive 360° Hotels

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