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Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Invest KL

Take a look at how Actsugi brought out the investment and lifestyle assets of Greater Kuala Lumpur in an immersive virtual experience.


Take a look at how Actsugi brought out the investment and lifestyle assets of Greater Kuala Lumpur in an immersive virtual experience.

InvestKL, an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, approached our team to create a 360° virtual tour for the region's investment hubs. Aligned with the agency's role, the goal of the virtual tour is to attract multinational companies and encourage them to establish their regional hubs in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Explore the 360 virtual tour of InvestKL.

InvestKL positioned Greater Kuala Lumpur as 'a dynamic, digital and diverse city', so it was clear to us that these 3Ds had to be encapsulated in the virtual tour.

360° Virtual Tour | Invest KL

Sharp and Strategic 360° Imagery

A picture can say a thousand words - but it can say even more when it is sharp and strategic. To highlight the modern infrastructure of Greater Kuala Lumpur, we captured a series of key investment hubs in the region: Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Bangsar South, KL Sentral and Cyberjaya.

The 360° aerial panoramas give an general overview of the hubs, allowing people to see along the landmarks, green spaces and connectivity of the hubs. We also dived into the details of some of the iconic structures through 4K DSLR photography, all of which have undergone professional post-production and retouching. Having sharp, stunning images helps investors to visualise the region better, while strategic angles ensures all the key points are highlighted.

360° Virtual Tour | Invest KL

Sleek and Simple to Use

The virtual tour opens up a landing page with a welcome message and two buttons that highlight the key components of Greater Kuala Lumpur's investment assets. Click on Exciting Business Hubs, and you are able to view the panoramas. Click on the Top Attraction Spots, and you can see brief descriptions of some of the city's beloved attractions.

360° Virtual Tour | Invest KL

Our customised interface was created with custom hotspots for easy navigation between different areas within the virtual tour. The sleek and modern menu is designed to be user-friendly while maintaining the brand tone.

360° Virtual Tour | Invest KL


Having the largest database of 360° virtual tours spanning travel attractions in Malaysia, we were able to showcase Greater Kuala Lumpur's beyond its investment allure.

It spotlights 10 captivating attractions within Kuala Lumpur, showcasing the city's vibrant atmosphere and livability. Each attraction comes with a photo and description, providing a glimpse into the diverse experiences the city has to offer.

Accessible from websites, mobile devices, and tablets worldwide, the 360° virtual tour invites a global audience to explore Greater Kuala Lumpur in an immersive and unique way.

Explore the 360 virtual tour of InvestKL.

Staying Digitally Competitive with Actsugi

In today's competitive global environment, a strong digital presence is indispensable for any business. For investment hubs, interactive 360° experiences can effectively showcase their economic potential, strategic advantages, and investment opportunities, attracting global investors and businesses to explore and invest in their region.

Embracing digital innovations can also solidify the hub's position as a leading destination for investment.

At Actsugi, we understand that a robust 360° virtual tour can impact the way investors view your investment assets. Our customised designs and high-quality photography ensure that campaign objectives and brand messages are met, while highlighting your brand individuality. Our team is available for work globally.

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