spotlight/August 11, 2023

Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Jeff's Cellar

Discover the enchanting beauty of an award-winning fine dining restaurant in Ipoh through a virtual experience.


Discover the enchanting beauty of an award-winning fine dining restaurant in Ipoh through a virtual experience.

Jeff’s Cellar is an award-winning fine dining restaurant magnificently tucked in a 260-milion-year-old cave cellar, next to the Banjaran Hotsprings by Sunway Group. Through a 360° virtual tour, we captured the beauty of the restaurant with 4K low light photography and stunning timelapse sequences.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Jeff's Cellar.


Fine Dining Destination in its Best Light

The journey begins with an aerial panorama of The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, which highlights the exquisite natural surroundings that frame the restaurant. With a single click, you will be brought to the entrance of Jeff’s Cellar. There is an audio button with a text-to-speech generated narration, giving visitors an introduction of the restaurant.


Within the gentle embrace of a 260-million-year cave, Jeff's Cellar basks in a romantic ambience accentuated by warm lighting. Low lighting is hard to capture using regular photography, but we were able to use advanced camera equipment to capture the restaurant in its most natural light.

Through meticulous post production, we made sure that the lighting, shadows and textures closely resemble what visitors would see at Jeff’s Cellar in real life.


Seeing is Believing

Visual storytelling can compel viewers to make their decision, while easing the communication between the restaurant staff and their customers. According to the team behind Jeff's Cellar, this has certainly been the case. Whenever a customer requests for more information about the ambience and seating arrangement, all they need to do is to show them.


The virtual tour extends an open invitation to anyone to experience Jeff’s Cellar and its romantic allure, before they book and visit Jeff's Cellar.  At the end of the day, they see what they get – an award-winning culinary experience with top-notch service.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Jeff's Cellar.

Virtual Experiences that Match the Dining Experience

When it comes to luxury, it's all about the experience. Atmosphere and food are important ingredients that set the tone of a fine dining restaurant. A virtual tour is great way to captivate and convert viewers, while supporting business operations and marketing campaigns.

Actsugi creates virtual tours for business across Malaysia using high-quality 11K photography, responsive interface and rich storytelling features.

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