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Spotlight: 360° 3D Virtual Tour of Quinton Residences

We crafted the 360° 3D rendered virtual tour of Quinton Residences to convey its promises for an inspiring home intertwined with simple pleasures and modern luxuries.


We crafted the 360° 3D rendered virtual tour of Quinton Residences to convey its promises for an inspiring home intertwined with simple pleasures and modern luxuries.

Quinton Residences is a beautiful collection of cluster homes set to emerge in Bandar Seri Coalfields, an integrated township by KLK Land. The low-density suburban development is cradled amidst a 50-acre Central Park, educational institutions, and other amenities, designed for families looking for modern luxury living.


Since Quinton Residences is still under construction, we were engaged to create a 360° virtual tour that utilises 3D renders to showcase the spaces and design possibilities. 

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Quinton Residence.

360° Virtual Playground Sculpted for 3D Discoveries

Quinton Residences is envisioned as an abode of tropical modern luxury. As part of our 3D interior design offerings, we came up with the moodboard and concept based on this theme. 


This conjured muted tones of olive greens, browns, blues and beiges. Marble countertops, soft lighting, nyatoh timber and rich Scandinavian-style fabrics came together as well to connote comfort and simple elegance. Since the brand colour is salmon pink, we incorporated this detail in the flowers to give it a unifying feel.


We take care to prepare high-quality and true-to-life 3D renders through different software and post production techniques. The colours needed to be accurate, sharp and natural in order to achieve that premium look. 

User-Friendly Interface and Visual Storytelling 

Our virtual tours come with an intuitive interface that ensures easy and efficient navigation for users. It is important to keep the experience seamless for websites to enhance the online experience, which in turn leads to higher engagement and lower bounce rate.

360-virtual-tour-actsugi-quinton-residence-5.pngAmong our versatile range of features, we would typically include information pop-ups to share an introduction about the property. Meanwhile, a Google Map embed shows users where the Quinton Residences is located, and enables them to tap to view directions. 

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Quinton Residence.


An interactive floor plan displays the top view of the show unit and several hotspots linking to the different 3D rendered panoramas. Once clicked, the custom hotspot would redirect you to the specific area you would like to see. We also included a custom marker to indicate the size of the family area, which emphasises its spaciousness.


Not only did we include subtitles of each area, we also added a Photo Gallery, Social Media icons and call-to-action buttons that bring customers to the KLK Land website.

In and Out, and All Around

For the 360° virtual tour of Quinton Residences, our team covered both the interiors and exteriors of the project. We worked closely with the architect and landscape design teams to refine the realistic renders, keeping the design elements as close to the actual thing as possible.


Once completed, the 360° virtual tour of Quinton Residences serves as a digital representation of the upcoming development before it is constructed. Now available on their website, it allows customers to get an understanding of the residence, while the client can encourage registrations of interest earlier on in their sales process.  

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Quinton Residence.

Crafted by Actsugi

This virtual experience is developed by Actsugi, a virtual tour technology and digital content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At Actsugi, we create immersive virtual tours across Malaysia tailored for the real estate and property sector. High-quality 360° photography and 3D digital renders can become powerful lead generation tools for properties in their preconstruction stage. From design to concept and VR development, we ensure that each virtual tour meets our client's campaign objectives and enhances its sales potential.

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