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Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

We put the spotlight on a luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat tucked amidst the spectacular limestone cliffs of Ipoh, Perak in a 360° virtual tour. Here's what came out of it.


We put the spotlight on a luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat tucked amidst the spectacular limestone cliffs of Ipoh, Perak in a 360° virtual tour. Here's what came out of it.

Embraced by the picturesque limestone hills of Ipoh, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is unique luxury spa resort with premium suites, spa experiences, and fine dining restaurants, all surrounded by rejuvenating hotsprings. The 360° Virtual Tour we created for them aimed to reflect the experience they offer in this one-of-a-kind retreat.

Explore the 360 virtual tour of The Banjaran.


A Wholesome Haven, from Every Angle

Each time we returned to The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in the past three years, we noticed that the landscape of Ipoh has changed tremendously. Yet the beauty and top-notch services of this lush oasis never fail to leave us in awe. This inspired us to capture every aspect of the resort in its finest light.

An aerial view of the resort greets visitors at the start of the virtual tour, giving them an overview of its beautiful limestone surroundings. There are custom hotspots that allow visitors to explore the resort, from the lobby to the luxury villas, meeting and event venues, dining spaces, and wellness spaces.


Every tiny detail in the 45 eco-chic villas of The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat whispers indulgence. Embraced by tropical greenery, they feature luxury amenities, plush beds and lavish bathrooms with your own geothermal water hot tub.

We covered all five villa types at the resort using 4K high-quality photography, with hotel grade post production to bring out the resort's intricate nuances even further. Discerning guests are able to look into the finer facets of each villa, which help them make choices aligned with their leisure preferences.


The geothermal dipping pool looks the most enchanting at the crack of dawn. We positioned the camera to capture the perspective of a guest soaking in the pool, framed by the limestone hills and a glimpse of the lounge bar.

On the top left corner, customised call-to-action buttons serve to maximise lead generation, and convert glances into guests.

Into the Cavern: Low Light Photography

If there is one thing that puts a touch of enchantment in The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, it is the captivating caves that embrace the resort, from its restaurant to its spa meditation caves.

Their crowning glory is Jeff’s Cellar, an award-winning fine dining restaurant tucked in a candle-lit cave. Serenaded by Italian aria, it serves a distinct farm-to-table menu and fine wines. According to the client, guests have reached out for special seating arrangements in the restaurant.


The perceived setback with cave photography, particularly when it comes to virtual tours, is low lighting. Although low lighting can be hard to capture with regular photography, we ued our DSLR camera that can take true-to-life images to illuminate the romantic allure warm lighting of every cave.

We also covered some of the spaces within the spa, where guests can enjoy traditional spa treatments and healing rituals from Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures.

Starry, Starry Night

From dawn to dusk, The Banjaran has a dynamic personality that we artfully captured in a timelapse sequence. Immerse in a breathtaking scene at the On the Rocks Coffee Lounge, where day gracefully transitions to night, painting the sky with an enchanting palette.


On top of showcasing the in-house restaurant Pomelo, we also gave people a glimpse of the Gazeobo with a meticulous dinner setup, evoking an ambiance of elegance and romance.

Our team is capable of adjusting our works for extreme conditions and requests. Now for something absolutely exciting: click on the telescope or menu listing to see a Starry Night, when the sky has darkened by the Star Deck. Look below to see the steam gently curling up from the hotsprings, and look above to see a sky full of twinkling stars!


We believe that visual storytelling, coupled by appealing and interactive content, makes a virtual tour meaningful, and all the more effective.

Through a virtual tour, The Banjaran is able to to promote their award-winning experience and romantic vibes to visitors through websites, mobile devices and tablets.

What they see is, after all, what they can get.

Explore the 360 virtual tour of The Banjaran.

A Luxury Showcase with Actsugi

When it comes to luxury accommodation, it's all about the ambience. It's about evoking desire, and inviting exclusivity. High-quality photography becomes all the more important to bring your spaces and facilities to life and attract customers.

At Actsugi, we have an extensive portfolio and experience within the travel and hospitality industry. Our specialty lies in crafting immersive 360° virtual tours with high-definition DSLR 4K photography, captured by Google Street View Trusted photographers.

But we don't stop there. During our hospitality grade post-production process, we ensure our visuals show the best of a property while infusing them with a dash of allure.

We take care to spearhead your campaign objectives and brand messages by creating fully customisable web interfaces. We are based in Malaysia but available for work globally.

Get in touch with us to own your immersive virtual tour.

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