spotlight/August 6, 2023

Spotlight: 3D Rendered Virtual Tour of Uplands III

Discover how we turned preconstructed spaces into mixed renders and 3D virtual walkthroughs for Project Uplands III by TI Homes.


Discover how we turned preconstructed spaces into mixed renders and 3D virtual walkthroughs for Project Uplands III by TI Homes.

When we were tasked to develop a 360° virtual tour for Project Uplands III, spearheaded by Perak's leading property developer TI Homes, our journey began amidst blueprints and unrealized landscapes. The buildings were in the midst of construction, and the road in front of the development has yet to be properly paved.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Uplands III.

Showing the Neighbourhood of Tomorrow

We created a set of realistic 360° interior and exterior renders from its architectural design references, digitised floor plans and files. For each room, we provided an interior design concept that fits with the overall feel, keeping in mind the tastes of its prospective buyers.


For the outdoor imagery, we developed mixed renders by combining 3D renderings of the unconstructed buildings and roads, with real-world photography.


Picture this: those who are familiar with this existing neighbourhood in Ipoh can visualise what Uplands III would potentially look like in the future, from the signage and guardhouse, to the lifestyle shops and playground, down to the very brick foundation that will be part of the pavement.

True-to-Life 360° Scenes


Guided by hotspots, visitors can navigate Uplands III and see for themselves what the project is like even though it has not been built. This also allows the client to start promoting the property even at its pre-construction stage.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Uplands III.

Imagination Meets Reality in a 360° Virtual Tour

Realism is the cornerstone of effectiveness and impact in a digitally rendered virtual tour. It is achieved through meticulous attention to detail in recreating the architectural structures, textures, and environment. When the images look believable, the experience creates higher engagement, brand trust and emotional connection.


At Actsugi, we create immersive virtual tours across Malaysia tailored for the real estate and property sector. High-quality 360° photography and 3D digital renders can become powerful lead generation tools for properties in their preconstruction stage. From design to concept and VR development, we ensure that each virtual tour meets our client's campaign objectives and enhances its sales potential.

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