spotlight/August 12, 2023

Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Wood Story Showroom

Here's how a furniture store and timber retail outlet used a virtual tour to engage customers and support their e-commerce marketing.


Here's how a furniture store and timber retail outlet used a virtual tour to engage customers and support their e-commerce marketing.

Wood Story specialising in high-quality wood slabs, timeless timber centerpieces, and other types of furniture. Our 3D virtual walkthrough of Wood Story is an immersive visual shopping experience of their physical shop in Petaling Jaya. This comes as part of the TimbeReality initiative in which we create 360° virtual showroom and virtual factory tours for furniture and timber players in Malaysia,

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Wood Story Showroom.


Click, Explore, Shop

The virtual tour transports people to the furniture store instantly, where beautiful timber pieces are arranged carefully in the gallery. We captured many angles so that visitors can get closer to the products and zoom in to see the finer details of each piece.


To ease navigation to different areas in the store, we categorised the panoramas by the different levels. The Ground and Upper Level are mainly arranged with home furniture; the Lower Ground Level is lined with a unique collection of wooden slabs; while the Garden is filled with different garden furniture.

A Digital Twin Retail Experience

As visitors move around the showroom, they can see many product hotspots. When clicked, they show a pop-up with details about the wooden products, such as the model, description, wood species and country of origin. The e-commerce info boxes are linked to the Wood Story website, so that customers can directly contact the supplier.


This feature allows people to check out the products even when they cannot visit in person. As such, this made the virtual tour helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic when foot traffic in shops are low. Beyond this time period, it can still be used to ease operations.

We also use Click and Go mode which gives a smoother transition experience between each scene. The virtual tour can also be integrated with all forms of media including info cards, music, 3D model, photo album, floor plan and Google Street listing.


The virtual tour also opens up the horizon for an international viewership. People from all around the world can visit the showroom through websites, tablets and mobile devices. It also has a custom Go To section on the right, which connects B2B partners to the Wood Story factory and the TimbeReality virtual hub.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Wood Story Showroom.

Virtual Tours for E-Commerce

Online shopping has evolved across the years, and there are many powerful ways to up the game. Having a virtual tour is one such method, as it can transport online shoppers to a digital twin of the shop on their devices. Not only does this shopping experience help to position the business as an innovative brand, it also engages customers from an increasingly tech-savvy generation, which can lead to more quality leads. Actsugi creates virtual tours for business across Malaysia, ensuring that they meet your campaign goals through high-quality visual storytelling and comprehensive features.

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