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How Property Developers Can Use 360° Virtual Tours to Attract Gen Z

New trends and marketing strategies within the property sector that help you capture the attention and loyalty of Gen Z property buyers. especially through the use of 360° virtual tours.


Generation Z (Gen Z) is a the first generation to grow up fully immersed in the digital age. From the way they consume content, to the way they engage with brands, tapping into the Gen Z target audience demands marketing strategies that align with their lifestyle and behaviours. 

Here are some emerging trends within the property sector that you can leverage on to capture the attention and loyalty of Gen Z property buyers, especially through the use of 360° virtual tours.

What are Generation Z (Gen Z) Preferences?

Gen Z is the demographic cohort born between 1996 and 2010. Considered 'true digital natives', they come after Millennials and before Generation Alpha. According to the Department of Statistics, Gen Z consists of 26% of the Malaysian population in 2019 - that is an estimated 8.47 million people!


Like the generations before them, their lifestyle and behaviours are shaped by the world they live in. If we had to summarise it into two words, it would be interactivity and authenticity

This tech-savvy age group grew up in a world of internet and digital technology, with 99% owning a smartphone. Climate change, social justice issues, inflation and the Covid-19 pandemic are among the key events in their life so far, which may explain why 73% of Gen Z shoppers also prefer to buy from brands that "inspire and delight", according to a report by Roundel.

It would not be long before these digital natives become the largest audience looking for properties for their own stay or investment. And that's where the marketing game has gone to change! 

Do 360° Virtual Tours Still Resonate with Gen X Buyers?

Yes, more so than ever! 

Social media, smart phone and every information ready on your finger tips with the internet - some of us may remember a time before the internet dial up modem sound, but Gen Z do not. 


One of the immersive tools today that you can adopt today are 360° virtual tours, which allow anyone in the world to virtually explore a property, from the comfort of their own homes. It can also tap into the Gen Z desire for authenticity by empowering them to visualise the possibilities within their new home.

Key Trends in Gen Z-Focused Property VR Marketing

1. Mobile-Focused

Gen Z grew up with the convenience of mobile phones, and are still heavily dependent on them. In fact, research in Malaysia shows that this device-driven generation spends an average of 8 hours a day on the Internet. Reach out to them by ensuring that your 360° virtual tours are fully optimised for seamless viewing on mobile devices. 

2. Social Media

Social media stills plays a big role in how Gen Z consume content. Discover ways to create an authentic and meaningful connection through platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. You can leverage on influencer marketing or develop a concise content strategy with your team. If you have a 360° virtual tour, come up with unique content to engage with this audience. 

3. Interactivity and Gamification

It is to no one's surprise that Gen Z shoppers are more receptive to immersive, visually-rich content. And often, they would want to see something 'different' and 'unexpected'. A great virtual tour incorporates interactive elements that help engage them in an active way. You can also take it a step further with some game-playing features, such as mini treasure hunts to unleash developer discounts, quizzes about the property, or unique hotspots that bring out the unique selling points of the project. Get creative!

4. Remote Productivity

Gen Z who are already in the workforce are more likely to prefer remote or hybrid working environment. This is to be expected when your lifestyle is influenced by the pandemic, coupled by inflation. With that, Gen Z consumers prefer to save time and cost in the initial stages of property buying by exploring a virtual tour first, before deciding if they would like to do a physical viewing.

5. Personalization

Making the virtual tour experience a personalised one can be a great way to empower Gen Z buyers. It can be as simple as allowing them to see the bare unit and ID unit side by side, or having hotspots that change furniture arrangement or colour schemes. They are able to easily visualise the possibilities of the space this way.

6. Sustainability

Gen Z is similar to Millenials in how they expect brands to reflect their values. For these diverse and open-minded generation, representation matters. They grew up learning about climate change and its impact, hence they would more likely look out for sustainable alternatives. If you are a developer who has been going green in the office or your developments, a virtual tour add another eco-friendly alternative to physical vieweings that aligns with their values.

Creating 360° Virtual Tours to Anticipate the Gen Z Market

360° virtual tours is a powerful marketing tool that help marketers maintain a relationship and foster brand loyalty with Gen Z buyers. By embracing marketing strategies that appeal to this tech-savvy generation, you can forge a meaningful connection with the next wave of homebuyers. 

Actsugi is a virtual tour and digital content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We create immersive 360° virtual tours for property with user-friendly layouts, high-quality 11K photography, true-to-life 3D renders, and a variety of storytelling features. Our virtual tours are optimised for web, mobile, tablets and VR devices - so they can be viewed anywhere and anytime across the world.

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