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Virtual Tours: Which Do You Need and Why Get Them

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly widespread as an innovative form of marketing. If you are thinking of promoting your brand, space or destination with a virtual tour. Here is our guide on which virtual tour is suitable for your marketing campaign.


Virtual tours are becoming increasingly widespread as an innovative form of marketing. If you are thinking of promoting your brand, space or destination with a virtual tour, which should you choose? Here are some types of virtual tours you should know, which are ideal for different marketing campaigns, and how you can leverage on them.

1. 360º Virtual Walkthrough

A virtual walkthrough allows you to explore different areas through 360º panoramas. They can be simple, merely with hotspots to navigate you to the next area, or they can act as a self guided tour supported by engaging info text boxes, audio narration or videos.


Choose this if:

  • You want your space to be in the spotlight, such as a property, hotel, event rental space, school, or medical centre
  • You want people to walk around virtually on their own, without having to physically be there yourself
  • You want potential customers to book or buy after viewing your space
  • You want viewers to understand key details within your project on their own
  • You want to share your vision, mission, or story in your virtual tour

Hotel Virtual Tour | Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur
Property Virtual Tour | Datum Jelatek Residence
University Virtual Tour | Monash University Malaysia

2. 3D Rendered Virtual Tour

A 3D rendered virtual tour uses CGI (computer generated images) to create a fully virtual world. It can be created to showcase a space before it is constructed, or designed as an imaginative digital realm.  This involves turning architectural designs and concepts into lifelike visualizations, meticulously crafted to be as realistic as possible.


Choose this if:

  • Your physical space isn’t ready yet, but you are keen to raise its sales potential for future tenants, buyers, and stakeholders
  • You want to secure pre-sales with a virtual space
  • You want to show people your vision for an upcoming project
  • You want to help stakeholders, investors, and clients make informed decisions through higher interactivity

Property Virtual Tour | Uplands III

What makes a good virtual tour? 6 elements to boost your marketing in 360°

3. Mixed Render Virtual Tour

A Mixed Render Virtual Tour combines both real-world photography and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a comprehensive depiction of a space. This is particularly effective for promoting properties or venues that are in development or under construction, so viewers can see what the finished product will look like.

8 Elements of a Great Virtual Tour to Boost your Marketing in 360° - Actsugi

Choose this if:

  • You want potential clients to see what a future development would look like in an existing neighbourhood
  • You want to showcase upcoming renovations and future attractions
  • You want people to make informed decisions based on a realistic representation of the future development

Property Virtual Tour | Uplands III

4. Video Virtual Tour

A Video Virtual Tour is similar to a 360º Virtual Walkthrough in that it uses 360º visual content. However it leverages on 360º video footages instead of images. It can also be paired with narration and interactive elements.


Choose this if:

  • You would like to promote a destination through an immersive experience that lets people feel as though they are there
  • You want to capture a moment in time, so that people can experience the activity in that exact moment
  • You want to preserve a cultural heritage, tradition or activity in a 360º video that cannot be expressed in photos

5. Destination Virtual Tour

A destination virtual tour gives a unique overview of the site. This can be helpful for townships, theme parks, placemaking efforts, city tours and travel destinations.


Choose this if:

  • You have a township, large property, smart city or travel destination that can inspire the general public
  • You want your area to be featured with gorgeous 360-degree aerial photography
  • You want to highlight significant spots within a large area

Virtual Guidebook | Lenggong Valley Virtual Tour
Township Virtual Tour | Bandar Seri Coalfields

5. Virtual Exhibition / Showroom

A virtual exhibition or showroom is a digitally created hall that allows you to exhibit your product catalogue or vendors according to your needs and creativity.


Choose this if:

• You want customers to interact with a range of products without having to build or maintain an expensive physical showroom
• You would like to run a virtual exhibition or roadshow


Virtual Museum | Sarawak Energy Virtual Museum
Virtual Mall | TimbeReality

Which Virtual Tour Should You Get?

As virtual tour technology continues to evolve, there are many possibilities when it comes to getting something that fits your marketing and communication strategy. At Actsugi, we take a collaborative approach with businesses to create a virtual tour that fit their identity, vision and brand message.

Get in touch with us to own your immersive virtual tour.

Visit Actsugi for 360° virtual tour technology
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