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8 Tips to Take Care of Your VR Headset

Learning to properly maintain and care for a VR headset ensures it can last longer. Here are some tips on how to clean, use and store your VR device.


Whether you are already a proud owner of a VR headset or are thinking of getting one, it is always a good idea to learn how to properly maintain and care for a VR device.

In general, you would want to care for such a delicate equipment the way you would a camera, with a few differences in the way you would handle it. Here are some tips on how to clean, use and store your VR headset, ensuring that it can last longer.

1. Wipe between uses with a microfibre cloth

How to Take Care of Your VR Headset
Cleaning your VR headset properly is half the battle, but it has to be done right. Since you will be in close contact with the device, you can expect there to be a build up of dust, sweat and germs in it. Not something you would want share with your family and friends!

Use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe down the headset after each use. If you have to clean the lenses, do so gently in a circular motion. If the device has more dirt marks than expected, spray the cloth with a little bit of camera lens cleaning liquid.

2. Avoid using alcohol or abrasive cleaning solutions to clean your VR headset

Using alcohol wipes or abrasive cleaning solutions are too harsh on your VR headset. Just like a camera or smartphone, these can damage the lens coating, leading to issues with the image quality. Always stick to a microfibre cloth or antibacterial wipe - these are your safe bets!

3. Use compressed air to blow out dust

Dust that is collected in the headset should be removed before you wipe the lens, as it could scratch the lens during the cleaning process. You can use a blast of compressed air to remove some of the particles away. Keep it as gentle as possible so that it does not accidentally damage the lens. 
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4. Do not touch the lens unnecessarily

How to Take Care of Your VR Headset
It might sound counterintuitive - considering how much we talked about cleaning it properly - but this is important. Avoid touching the lens if you can (yes, even cleaning it), as it might leave smudges or fingerprints on the surface or leave micro scratches. If you do have to give it a wipe, do not be aggressive with it.

5. Keep the VR headset away from direct sunlight

How to Take Care of Your VR Headset
Direct sunlight can cause damage to the lenses, even if the device is only left out for a minute. Avoid placing your VR headset near a window or anywhere where it will be exposed to the sun. Ideally, you would want to store it in a box or case. It goes without saying that VR headsets are not made for outdoor use - keep it indoors where it is cool and shady!

6. Use a lens protector

Most companies selling VR headsets would sell lens protectors as accessories. A lens protector covers the lens when it is stored away, preventing it from getting scratched, trapping dust, or being exposed to sunlight. Investing in a lens protector is a good idea to maintain the lens and prolong its longevity.

7. Dedicate enough space when using the VR headset

How to Take Care of Your VR Headset
Using the VR headset in a small, enclosed space can lead to accidents, which does not bode well for your device. A knock or two might not leave a mark, but a VR headset that has been subjected to many hits could malfunction eventually.

Make sure that you have an open space with no furniture blocking your way. A helpful tip would be to place a mat on the floor where you can stand on during VR usages, so you will know when you are stepping out of your safe boundary.

8. Store it properly when not in use

How to Take Care of Your VR Headset
A VR headset should be stored in a way that would keep it safe for a long time. You can store the headset in the box it came in, which is easier to pack the box away in your room. Alternatively, you can place it in a dedicated case that has extra compartments for other accessories. Definitely easier if you are always bringing it on the go!

If you prefer to display it instead, keep it in on a VR headset stand, or somewhere in a well-ventilated area. If you have small children and pets in your household, keep it in a tall and sturdy cabinet that is not directly in the sun.

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