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Bujang Valley: Asia's Ancient Kingdom

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An expedition crafted by explorers, for explorers! Tap into your inner archaeologist or tomb raider to unearth hidden treasures in Bujang Valley: Asia's Ancient Kingdom, a collection of intriguing scenes and stories about one of Southeast Asia's oldest civilisations. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual expedition.

The long-lost kingdom of Bujang Valley in what is now the state of Kedah, Malaysia has fascinated archaeologists in the region since its discovery. The relics unveil a thriving entrepot from the 3rd to 7th century. Some say the temples excavated here are older than those in Indonesia or Cambodia!

Bujang Valley is still being explored, and there are very few literary and historical evidence on this ancient civilisation to date. It is full of mysteries that are slowly bring pieced together by researchers and historians. This VR-powered 360° experience is a creative curation based on these interpretations. It is packed with in-depth research, exclusive content shared by local experts, and stories that invite you to imagine Bujang Valley as you explore at your own leisure.

From the awe-inspiring mountain to the winding river, lush paddy fields, historical straits, and treasure-filled swamps, see how the surrounding landscapes hold clues to the significance of Bujang Valley. Discover bite-sized information and insights that you cannot get just by visiting the archaeological sites. Enjoy a virtual expedition of the Serpent Valley, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Mount Jerai
Bujang Valley was strategically located at the mouth of the Straits of Melaka. Sheltered from monsoons and rich in natural resources, it became a major port in Southeast Asia connecting the Indian Ocean and Far East.

Places You'll Discover

Mount Jerai - Merbok River - Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum - Sungai Batu Archaeological Site - Semeling - Yan

Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum and Temple Sites: Take a look at the artefacts unearthed in Bujang Valley, along with the interpreted stories and mysteries. There are several ancient temple sites on the museum grounds, such as Candi Bukit Batu Pahat and Candi Pengkalan Bujang.

Sungai Batu Archaeological Site: Explore the remnants of ancient jetties and iron smelting sites that tell the tale of an advanced civilisation in Old Kedah.

Jerai Geotrail: The geotrail consists of several natural attractions dotted around Mount Jerai, such as beaches, traditional villages, and paddy fields - so you can see the beautiful treasures in Kedah today!


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