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George Town: Secrets from the Straits

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An adventure crafted by explorers, for explorers! George Town: Secrets from the Straits is a collection of immersive scenes and stories we’ve seen and heard about during our journey through the vibrant capital of Penang, Malaysia. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

Along with months of in-depth research, been-there-done-that insights, and seldom-seen footages, this VR-powered 360° experience lets you discover George Town, Penang at your own leisure. Enjoy exclusive content shared by local experts that call the island their muse or home, bringing you into the world of a songkok maker, traditional biscuit maker, Chinese seal engraver, coffee roaster and more.

The capital of Penang island, George Town, has been the crossroads for trade routes and cultures for centuries. It was where Captain Francis Light founded Penang in 1786 as the first British settlement in Southeast Asia. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is where East meets West, where old-world charm meets modern skyscrapers, and where traditional trades and trendy establishments run side by side. Discover the hidden secrets of George Town with bite-sized information that you can experience for yourself, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Places You'll Discover

Street of Harmony – Traditional Trades – Clan Jetties – Little India

Street of Harmony: See how Malaysia’s multicultural heritage exists side by side along this beautiful road, where four place of worship reside: St George's Church, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, The Goddess of Mercy Temple and Masjid Kapitan Keling

Traditional Trades: Meet traditional artisans passionate about keeping their multigenerational businesses and ancient crafts alive. George Town is full of living heritages with fascinating stories to tell.

Clan Jetties: Take a look at the traditional waterfront settlements that became home to Chinese settlers in the early 19th century.

Little India: Enjoy an immersive walk through the colourful Little India, filled with rows of shops selling Indian food, textiles, spices, gold and other goods.


Self-guided audio virtual tour for George Town: Secrets from the Straits

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