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Johor: Southern Sights

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A journey through the Southern Gateway of Malaysia, from the comfort of home. Johor: Southern Sights is a collection of immersive scenes and stories about the country’s second largest state. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

Johor was founded in the 16th century by the deposed king of Melaka after the fall of the Melaka empire. Its name is derived from the Arabic word for ‘precious stones’ or ‘jewel’. Its fertile lands flourish with rubber, oil palm and pineapple plantations, while the port welcomes ships from around the world. Yet for all its economic growth, its cultural heritage is still beautifully preserved by its community.

This virtual tour is a unique introduction into selected districts in Johor, seen from the eyes of a local. Enjoy exclusive content, seldom-seen footages and bite-sized information on some of the state’s attractions in this VR-powered 360° experience of Johor, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Gurdwara Sahib, Johor Bahru
In the late 19th century, the Gurdwara Sahib was built to accommodate the Sikh community, many of whom served in the police force.

Places You'll Discover

Johor Bahru – Simpang Renggam – Muar – Yong Peng

Johor Bahru: Just across the bridge from Singapore, Johor Bahru is the capital city of the state, dotted with hidden cultural gems, nostalgic kopitiams and hip cafes.

Simpang Renggam: This agricultural district in Kluang, Johor is renowned for its pineapple plantations which stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Muar: Steeped in history, the royal town takes the cake with its pre-war buildings, delicious coffee and local delicacies.

Yong Peng: Translated to ‘Everlasting Peace’ in Chinese, the tranquil small town is dubbed ‘Little Fuzhou’ for its unique attractions, homegrown products and Fuzhou cuisine.


Self-guided audio virtual tour for Johor: Southern Sights

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