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Kelantan: Jewel of the East

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A journey through the mystical state of Kelantan, from the comfort of home. Kelantan: Jewel of the East is a collection of immersive scenes and stories about the birthplace of Malaysia’s ancient arts. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

Kelantan feels like a land locked in time, untouched by the modernities of neighbouring states. It is dotted with picturesque landscapes framed by charming Malay villages and unusual temples. Nicknamed the Cradle of Malay Culture, Kelantan has some of the country's finest traditional arts, including shadow puppetry, wau, songket and batik. Along with intriguing architecture, eye-opening museums, and spectacular beaches, the state is truly unlike any other!

This VR-powered 360° experience features months of research and been-there-done-that insights condensed into bite-sized information. Enjoy some of the state’s key destinations in this virtual tour of Kelantan, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Bank Kerapu
Originally built as a commercial bank, Bank Kerapu was the first stone structure to be built in Kelantan. During the Japanese occupation, it was converted into the headquarters of the Japanese military police. Today, it is Kelantan's Second World War Museum.

Places You'll Discover

Siti Khadijah Market – Merdeka Square – Museums & Galleries - Thai Temples of Tumpat

Siti Khadijah Market: The cultural centrepiece of Kelantan’s capital city, Siti Khadijah Market is the best place to witness the town’s vibrant community going about their daily lives.

Merdeka Square: Merdeka Square has seen many of the state’s most significant historical events. There are several astonishing museums and interesting landmarks dotted around the square, which give you an insight into Kota Bahru.

Museums & Galleries: Kelantan’s unique history and cultural heritage are encapsulated in its collection of museums and galleries, such as the Royal Museum, Bank Kerapu, Kelantan Islamic Museum, Wau Museum and Traditional Shadow Puppet Gallery.

Thai Temples of Tumpat: The district of Tumpat pays homage to Kelantan’s close relationship with Thailand, through its unusual Thai temples.


Self-guided audio virtual tour for Kelantan: Jewel of the East

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