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Kuching: Borneo's River Kingdom

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An adventure crafted by explorers, for explorers! Kuching: Borneo’s River Kingdom is a collection of immersive scenes and stories we’ve seen and heard about during our journey through the romantic capital of Sarawak, Malaysia. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

This VR-powered 360° experience lets you discover Kuching at your own leisure, with immersive content and bite-sized information. Enjoy exclusive content and bite-sized information that captures a glimpse of this dazzling kingdom, from the White Rajah era buildings to the cultural streets, still-standing villages, ornate Chinese temples and curious museums.

Kuching is divided into two parts by the meandering Sarawak River. On one side is the historical and cultural quarters, while the other is the quieter area with grand colonial-era architecture and smaller traditional villages. From 1841 to 1946, it was ruled by the British Brooke family, who were known as The White Rajahs. Experience Borneo’s River Kingdom for yourself, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Places You'll Discover

Sarawak River – Carpenter Street – The Main Bazaar – Fort Margherita

Sarawak River: Enjoy captivating views of the Sarawak River and her surrounding historical jewels, such as The Astana and State Legislative Assembly Building.

Carpenter Street: You can imagine what Kuching originally looked like at Carpenter Street, the ‘Chinatown’ of the city with rows of restaurants, hidden temples and old-school shops.

The Main Bazaar: Discover one of the oldest streets in Kuching, now a popular area for getting local handicrafts, snacks and souvenirs.

Fort Margherita: This hilltop fortress was once built to protect Kuching from pirates. Now it is home to the Brooke Gallery, a museum devoted to the White Rajahs that used to rule the old kingdom.


Self-guided audio virtual tour for Kuching: Borneo’s River Kingdom

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