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Perak: The Towns That Tin Built

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An adventure crafted by explorers, for explorers! Perak: The Towns That Tin Built is a collection of fascinating scenes and stories about the small towns in the graceful abode of Perak. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

Along with exclusive content and bite-sized information, this VR-powered 360° experience lets you discover Perak at your leisure. Discover the stories only locals can share, such as joss stick makers, a traditional keris maker, and coffee experts. Enjoy some of the state’s key destinations across its tin-mining towns, such as a curious leaning tower, traditional trades of a royal town, quaint street art, and a town of many firsts in Malaysia.

Perak rose to prominence in the 19th century following the growth of its tin-mining industry. It became the richest district in the Malay Peninsula, and led to the development of the many settlements in the state. Some of its notable towns are Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Sepetang and Taiping. Experience Perak for yourself, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Cermin Lake
Cermin Lake, or Tasik Cermin, is a lush oasis hidden within the limestone karsts of Gunung Rapat, a mere 20-minute drive away from Ipoh city centre. While it is not as central as other attractions, this natural setting has quietly garnered the attention of visitors and earned its nickname as the 'Guilin of Malaysia'.

Places You'll Discover

Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar – Kuaa Sepetang – Taiping

Ipoh: Born from humble beginnings, this beautiful colonial city of Ipoh blends old-world charm with modern buildings and restaurants. But what makes it truly breathtaking are the sublime limestone karsts wrapped around it!

Kuala Kangsar: The royal town of Perak glimmers with grand palaces and traditional trades that have served both royalty and the commonfolk.

Kuala Sepetang: surrounded by mangrove forests, Kuala Sepetang is Malaysia’s largest charcoal-producing district.

Taiping: Once the tin-mining powerhouse of Perak, Taiping leaves behind a legacy of British colonial buildings and many ‘claims to fame’ – the first post office, the first public garden, and the first museum in Malaysia, among others.


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