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Putrajaya: Hidden in Plain Sight

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A journey through the glittering world of Putrajaya, from the comfort of home. Putrajaya: Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of immersive scenes and stories about the Federal Territory and Intelligent Garden City of Malaysia. All you need to do is sign up to start your virtual tour.

Any traveller in Malaysia can tell you about Kuala Lumpur, but Putrajaya remains under the radar despite its close proximity to the capital city. Hidden in plain sight, it is filled with administrative buildings, iconic landmarks and avant-garde bridges tucked along neat boulevards and a magnificent man-made lake. Putrajaya is also developed as a garden city, with many areas dedicated to botanical gardens, parks and wetlands.

This VR-powered 360° experience features bite-sized information and immersive 360 photos of the Federal Territory. Enjoy some of Putrajaya’s iconic destinations in this virtual tour, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Putrajaya Steps
Marked by a stretch of 250 steps and a neat landscaped garden, the Putrajaya Steps leads you up to a key monument atop the Putra Perdana Park.

Places You'll Discover

Putra Square - Bridges of Putrajaya – Gardens of Putrajaya

Putra Square: This square is the starting point of any trip to Putrajaya. It is surrounded by iconic architecture such as Perdana Putra and Putra Mosque. From here, you can head to a many different attractions within the Federal Territory.

Bridges of Putrajaya: The Federal Territory is known for its stunning collection of bridges, each with their own inspired contemporary design. At night, the bridges come to their own, shining in a spectrum of vibrant colours.

Gardens of Putrajaya: Green spaces are dotted across Putrajaya - perfect for picnics, jogging, cycling, lake cruising and more! Take a look at some of the lush landscapes that are beautifully woven into the Garden City.


Self-guided audio virtual tour for Putrajaya: Hidden in Plain Sight

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