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About the Programme

VR Empowering SMEs is a digitalization programme for SMEs to adopt virtual reality as a new immersive storytelling medium. Actsugi will work with businesses to integrate an online-to-offline solution that boosts marketing potential and conversion rates in a competitive digital landscape.

The initiative kicks off with ‘Virtual: 1000’, our pilot series that aims to identify and support 1,000 businesses through immersive virtual tour creation.

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Professional Virtual Tour for Digital Transformation

User-Friendly InterfaceWe create intuitive virtual tours with high-quality 360° media that help businesses impress viewers n web, mobile, tablet and VR headsets.

Highlight Your BrandWith your brand logo, business information and contact details, the virtual tour is all you need to connect with your audience.

Seamless Lead GenerationEach virtual tour is designed to convert through effective call-to-action elements that direct traffic to your website and e-commerce platforms.

Embed and Engage Embed it on your website, add it on social media platform, or use it on your marketing channels to enhance brand visibility.

Consultation and Training Get a one-on-one online consultation, recce and training to understand more about how the virtual tour can be integrated in your marketing communications.

Programme Flow

  • Step 1

    Submit application form via Actsugi website

  • Step 2

    Evaluation of application, selected SMEs will be provided consultation

  • Step 3

    VR shooting session and virtual tour development

  • Step 4

    Training for 360 marketing

  • Step 5

    Submit feedback and review form

Now You Can Own a Virtual Tour


It's incredibly user friendly. The team has been very helpful, and I would say also very proactive in putting together the spaces. They actually incorporated our corporate colours and fonts, so it was really helpful. And we are very appreciative of the collaboration. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

- Yega Thiyagarajan,
General Manager of Kloe Hotel

MYR 1000
First 1,000 SMEs
  • Virtual Tour Development
  • 5 HDR 720° Panoramas (11K-22K)
  • Preset Responsive Skin with Your Logo
  • About Info, Contact Info, Photo Gallery, Google Map
  • Embed on your website
  • Compatible for Web, Mobile, Tablets & VR Devices
  • RM500 Annual Hosting Renewal
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Trusted by SMEs


If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise looking to digitize your business with a virtual tour, you are encouraged to apply! We support local restaurants, event spaces, personal care salons, gyms, florists, dental practices, retail stores and other businesses that can see significant benefit from this VR digitalization programme but rarely have the opportunity to do so.

All applications will go through our review process, and Actsugi reserves the right of final decision on the eligibility of any applicant.

There are many ways to leverage on the virtual tour. You can embed it in your existing website or use the live link directly as your own website. You can also integrate the link in your newsletter or share it on social media to create more brand engagement.

You can use the virtual tour for as long as you need it! The virtual tour hosting can be renewed on an annual basis, at RM500 for each subsequent year.

We are open to applications from SMEs across Malaysia. Currently, we do not include logistic costs if the location is within Klang Valley. For areas outside this region, transportation and accommodation costs may apply depending on the requirements.

Once the schedule is set, we encourage you to maintain the timeline. We may accommodate rescheduling if there is valid reason and at least 48 hours of notice. Outstation projects may be subject to additional logistic costs if the rescheduling is on short notice.

Note that frequent rescheduling and cancellation may result in disqualification from VR Empowering SMEs for future applications.

Prior to the shooting session, we will have an online consultation and recce to determine which areas to cover. Our photographer will also use his or her judgement to decide the best places to cover on the day of the shoot. You are advised to communicate any preferences clearly before the session.

While we do enhance the panoramas, we will not do major retouches or edits. We will not remove large objects or clear large areas. We encourage you to ensure the space is arranged as you would like customers to see it before the shooting session.

The virtual tours created under VR Empowering SMEs are only for 360° photography of real-life physical spaces, and not for CGI rendered spaces. If you would like 3D virtual staging and CGI rendering service, please get in touch with us for a separate quotation.

The virtual tours created under VR Empowering SMEs have a predesigned theme that is optimized for web, mobile and VR devices. That said, our team specializes in personalized virtual tour designs – take a look at our website to learn more.

No, we do not give out individual raw files, including panoramas and other media elements, produced under VR Empowering SMEs.

You can apply for more than one virtual tour per company. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and Actsugi reserves the right of final decision.

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