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Spotlight: 360° Virtual Tour of Loft26 with 3D Mixed Render

Loft26 is set to be the first loft-style condominium in Ipoh town. The 360° virtual tour of this residential gem shows potential buyers exactly why.


Loft26 is set to be the first loft-style condominium in Ipoh town. The 360° virtual tour of this residential gem shows potential buyers exactly why.

Our team was tasked to craft 360° virtual tour for Loft26 by Luxe Premier Group that serves as a digital twin for two show units in the residential development, as well as a true-to-life 3D render of the virtual building within a real-world environment. We aimed to give Loft26 a lease of life with VR storytelling features that inspire, engage and convert.

Explore the 360° virtual tour of Loft26.

Virtual Spaces, Real World Impact

Our client's philosophy is to build comfortable living spaces that encapsulate the term "home is where the heart is". In other words, meticolously planned lifestyle sanctuaries that nurture connection both indoors and outdoors. 

While 2.69-acre land in the town of Bercham in Ipoh is still being developed, the client wanted people to visualise what Loft26 would look like in the future. 


To achieve this, our 3D design team created and mapped out the virtual building within an aerial view of the neighbourhood. This is what we call mixed render, whereby the 360° panorama has a virtual building existing within a real-world environment. 

The seamless blending of virtual and physical elements brings Loft26 to life in harmony with the surrounding environment - a practical way to show their audience how it can uplift the neighbourhood and support the growth of a community.

A Meaningful Connection in 360°

To highlight the meaningful connection that Loft26 can bring, our photographers also covered the virtual walkthrough of the two show units at their sales gallery. This is also known as a digital twin, which is a digital representation of the physical space. It is designed to build an online presence that can encourage bookings or sales, while allowing people to visit the show units from the comfort of home.


We capture the photos in 11K high quality, ensuring that the colour accuracy and clarity are maintained. When choosing the angles, we ensure that the center piece for each panorama tells the story of the area. We angle it strategically to create a layering effect that can show multiple contrasting elements in the same image, drawing the eye to particular details.


Explore the 360° virtual tour of Loft26.

Custom hotspots point towards each room and allow people to visually identify where they are going. For example, a hotspot with the icon of a bed would lead to the bedroom, while the icon of a shower would indicate the bathroom. 

This personalised approach play a pivotal role in creating an engaging way to discover spaces, while elevating the intuition of the virtual experience. 

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Bringing All the Elements Together

An intuitive layout binds all the elements of the virtual experience together. On the left, the navigation menu shows the Aerial View and 2 Show Unit Types with the full list of panoramas. On the right, there is a previous and next button. These are thoughtfully designed so that it is easy for anyone to navigate. 

When it comes to digital experience, the immersive virtual tour can help clients retain viewers on their website, ensuring lower bounce rate and better SEO. It can also serve as a standalone site to highlight the project, with call to action buttons bringing qualified leads directly to the client's main website.

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The integration of an interactive floor plan helps users comprehend the spatial layout and effortlessly transport themselves between areas with a single click. The radar function facilitates user orientation by showing the direction in which a person is looking at any given time. 

To round it off, we have the About, Contact and Google Map Embed, which give users all the information they need about the developer, location and sales gallery details. 


Explore the 360° virtual tour of Loft26.

We particularly like how there is a fusion of virtual and real elements within the same place, which truly illustrates the power of a well-designed 360° virtual tour. Not only does it provide a unique mode of discovery for potential clients, it helps them visualise what Loft26 can become once it stands gracefully over this beautiful town in Ipoh. 

Crafted by Actsugi

This virtual experience is developed by Actsugi, a virtual tour technology and digital content creator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At Actsugi, we create immersive virtual tours across Malaysia tailored for the real estate and property sector. High-quality 360° photography and 3D digital renders can become powerful lead generation tools for properties in their preconstruction stage. From design to concept and VR development, we ensure that each virtual tour meets our client's campaign objectives and enhances its sales potential.

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