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360° Virtual Tour for Townships & Integrated Developments in Malaysia | Marketing Trends 2024

Property developers are turning to 360° virtual tours to market their products, even more so when it comes to showcasing townships and integrated developments. We take a deep dive into this immersive technology and how it can make a ripple in the property landscape in Malaysia.


It is no surprise that property developers are turning to 360° virtual tours to market their products, even more so when it comes to showcasing townships and integrated developments. But how do virtual tours make it easier to captivate and convert potential buyers? We take a deep dive into this immersive technology and how it can make a ripple in the property landscape in Malaysia.


What is a 360° Virtual Tour?

A 360° virtual tour, also referred to as a digital twin or virtual reality tour, offers a fully immersive experience of a property. By seamlessly stitching together panoramic images, this technology enables users to explore every nook and cranny of a space from their devices, be it a laptop, smartphone, or VR headset. From residential units to communal facilities, a virtual tour provides an interactive medium complete with multimedia elements like photos, videos, audio, brochures, information pop ups and more. 


Click to view: Gamuda Cove Virtual Tour

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Benefits of 360° Virtual Tours for Townships and Integrated Developments

When it comes to marketing for sprawling townships and integrated developments, it is about selling the future. Would it be a good place to live or build a family? Can I make a good investment from this? 

Since large-scale developments can take more than 15 years to complete, it is important to build the awareness early and sustain interest for years to come. Here's how a 360° virtual tour can do that.

Click to view: Bandar Seri Coalfield Virtual Tour


Property developers benefit from:

  • Long-term marketing plan: Leveraging 360° virtual tours as a cental component of your marketing strategy means that you can continuously engage prospective buyers and investors at every stage of the development lifecycle. Since it can be used for many years, it is quite a cost-effective solution!
  • Better global outreach: You can attract potential buyers and investors from around the world by offering them a virtual exploration of the township, showcasing its prime location and unique selling points. People aged 18 to 34 are also 130% more likely to book if the company displays a virtual tour.
  • Empowering your customers and sales team: A 360° virtual tour allows your customers to check out the township at their own sweet time, without having to physically be on site. It also frees up your sales team time by only capturing quality leads, which in turn cuts down on unnecessart cost.
  • SEO optimed website: Virtual tours can keep customers on your site for longer - up to 10 times, in fact! It can boost your website's SEO performance in the long run. and engage your customers for as long as your development takes to be completed.

Potential buyers benefit from: 

  • 3D Visualization for Future Phases: By incorporating 3D visualizations of the development, 360° virtual tours offer a sneak peek into the long-term vision of the township.
  • Comprehensive Views of the Entire Development: Viewers get to see the bigger picture by offering holistic views of the whole development.
  • Informed Decision-Making: A well-crafted virtual tour equips people with all the information they need to make confident decisions.

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How Can Developers Use 360° Virtual Tours to Highlight Townships or Integrated Developments?

  • Showing the Future: Imagine being able to show what your township looks like before it is even built! 3D rendered virtual tours is a great way to show the potential of the future development.
  • Digital Marketing: The virtual tour can be integrated into websites, marketing materials and social media. Here's how Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA included their virtual tour into their main website.
  • Remote Tours: The sales team can run site tours to potential customers or stakeholders using the virtual tour.
  • Exhibition: A virtual tour can be a great complement for an exhibition or event. It can be used to transport customers directly to the property, even though they are not physically there.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences: Virtual tours that are compatible with VR headsets can be used during sales presentations, exhibitions, or showrooms.

Click to view: Taman Bukit Kepayang Virtual Tour

What Features Do Good 360° Virtual Tours Have?

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Layout: Facilitate easy navigation for customers exploring the virtual tour.
  • Floor Plan: Gives customers a top view of the property, while allowing them to move through the rooms easily
  • Multimedia Integration: A good virtual tour has the flexibility to include videos, photos, audios, or brochures.
  • Google Map Embed: Enable users to see where a property is located on a map.
  • Hotspots: Allows you to move to different rooms by clicking on the hotspot, and can be customised to include special icon designs. 
  • Call to Action: All good virtual tours must have a call-to-action button to move interest buyers into the next buyer stage.
  • Multi-Platform and VR Compatibility: A good virtual tour is fully optimised for websites, mobile and VR devices, which ensures a better user experience.
  • Other Features to Highlight Unique Selling Points: The possibilities are endless! For example, the walkthrough can include a day-to-night timelapse to show breathtaking sceneries, dynamic media viewing to show smart home innovations, or even before-after scenes to show the difference between bare and fully-furnished unit.

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Township and Integrated Development Virtual Tour Marketing Trends 2024


Whether it is to tap into the Millenial or Gen Z market, or to cast the spotlight on your new development, here are some virtual tour marketing trends.  

  • Mobile First: According to Statista Research, smartphone users in Malaysia have reached about 29 million in 2021, and is expected to increase by 1.74 million until 2025. 360° virtual tours that are optimised for mobile phones on top of websites make it more convenient for the users today to check out properties on their smartphone or tablet. 
  • 3D Rendered Solutions: 3D rendered virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular, an effective way to show what a township is like before it is fully built. It is also a cost-effective solution that can be used for your marketing and promotional initiatives for many years to come.  
  • Sustainability: Companies today are working towards Sustainable Development Goals. A 360° virtual tou, with its low environmental impact and long-lasting use, serves as a great way to support your sustainability goals. 
  • Exhibition Ready: Who said you cannot bring a whole township to your customers? With property exhibitions coming back into fashion, tech-savvy developers are using virtual tours to stand out and engage with your potential buyers.
  • Data Analytics: These days, data is king. Find out what makes your customers stop, stare, or click so that you can refine your marketing strategies.


How to Start Your Virtual Journey

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